Research on the power plant project, depending on the situation on the ground. “

The Judea and Samaria Division completed the investigation of two cases
Of violent incidents near the Yitzhar settlement, this month. Division factor: “space guidelines are to contain the incidents as quickly as possible.”

תאריך: 03/06/2012, 19:18    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The Judea and Samaria Division completed the final inquiry about the gods which took place near the settlement of yizhar settlement two weeks ago. Moreover, research
The first event took place in second place a week ago. In both cases the two focal points of friction as a result of arson and throwing the Yitzhar settlement correlatives and the Palestinian village of Asira Al-qibliya, and unusual use of firearms by the alert class.

Following the investigation, it was decided to confiscate the weapons of those civilians who were involved in the shooting, and Samaria hatm tightened border police forces amount. Moreover, the Division of home sectorial topic for each threat classes throughout Judea and Samaria.

In the first incident, an IDF force arrived at two points of friction and qibliya axis ‘ Urif, and tried to separate the opposing. At one point heard several shots over my head.
The protesters, while military force trying to disperse the demonstration, without a means to disperse demonstrations
Operational considerations and not to escalate topographical. More shots were heard in the second, when a resident of Yitzhar, which serves as a member of the security force of the settlement but not
A member of the class standing, pull out the gun and shoots towards Palestinian demonstrator injured him in a moderate to hard. Following the event opened a criminal investigation against the shooter, and his weapon was confiscated. Moreover, the banned weapons of both the threat squad members sing when
The clashes.

Factor in the Judea and Samaria Division explained to IDF website that “it is not clear whether the shooting was justified, but carried out suggested that the power of the alert class went beyond his figure and had to call in to place the IDF force which trust-military force was called to the scene, and did not play well in accordance with the situation on the ground.”

The second event that occurred at the same spot a week ago, confrontations between protesters from both communities. 71st battalion of armor came with his project area command, when a bunch of teenagers descended on the village. The force asked for their actions, but the boys refused and attacked the command. with this in mind, threw them a tear gas grenade to shield them from the constant friction which wanted to reach.

A short time later evolved in the area of ‘ URIF violent confrontation against arson and throws stones.
One Palestinian pulled the suspect’s clothes, tools and one Israeli boys read that has armed and bent. The alert class of the settlement, which was at that time in the sectorial
, Shot towards the protester to Center his body mass 60 metres. He was hit in the stomach, and crashed in the mobile device on a rock a party in, is still under investigation.

A group of protesters forced the Palestinian settlement was injured and began to beat him. The IDF force acted quickly and drove the attackers off, border prevented his death. In retrospect, it turned out that he was armed with a knife, but was not in possession of a weapon. His set, but is out of danger. The squad members standing firing weapons were confiscated.

“All these cases conducted in-depth investigations by the hospital, Colonel Yoav yarom”, a bound, outright keep operational dialogue with the settlement, in the classrooms of alert protect your communities. Space guidelines are to contain the incidents as quickly as possible with minimal casualties.

Translated from Hebrew