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Tze’elim base-hosted תרח”ט of divisions in the southern command, which lasted about two weeks. Purpose: preparing the reserve command fighters, most lifelike scenarios

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Tze’elim base, whose presence is sporadic and reserve soldiers train
It is fairly standard, unique type of scenario month. out reserve Division, this time opposite reserve Division. This outline is included as part of meadow-תרח”ט (regimental drill-Yun) of junior southern command which lasted about two weeks, when the ultimate goal – the reserve troops to command, in reality.
The geezer
Was divided into three parts. The first part “RAM’s horns” Division and its counterpart in the Negev Brigade Division, “do an act of occupation of built-up area. Then, the other two acts fighting interdependent divisions, when sometimes one attack mode and the other in defence. While
The brigades carried out conversions between divisions in order to create an atmosphere of total combat troops, anti-tank missiles, and air force medical logistics.
“When we perform our תרח”ט and he only imagines such a scenario, there is no one standing in front of vividly “, specify” סמח”ט” RAM’s horns, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Yuval Peleg. “The fool when we practice against” enemy “thinks, with different purposes, and tangible that have challenged the idea much more and our backs, when we hit each other, using artillery, the situation is much more complex.
The תרח”ט become said of this magnitude is normal, and that the goal is to have as many training exercises which make the Division a moment of truth. “The last time we practiced in this size was three years ago, and we are happy for the chance to challenge us,” he said, adding that this year, unlike the previous training spent rehearsed in scopes
, Because the focus was on various topics and the deepened, therefore it was necessary to practice at all levels of command.
“Such a practice that incorporates two divisions of the same Division, where a hospital is in direct contact with Khan and c with c., dialogue is not possible when there are usually double-sided exercise there are many advantages-NTAC develops thinking of enemy and should develop an adverse thinking”, said Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) stream. The article also “become ultimately no company fighting alone. There are larger systems if you don’t practice as reservists, not going at the moment of truth. We remember the amount of training that was missing in the second Lebanon war, we got today in training. “
“As members
Two weeks ago, a reserve who had left the family and work, first of all it is important that everyone back home.
Safely, said Lt. Col. (Ret.) faction, adding that “we have learned a lot of exercise and it was very successful. But the fact that it is not enough to fool runs out, Greece now starts producing
The lessons is hard work. We issued what should next year and know what to focus on, in order to be prepared for the day’s highest command.

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