Residents of streets that become פלח”ץ fighters

מתגייסים בבקו”ם, צילום ארכיון

In the latest draft of the search and rescue brigades, about 12% of operators
The future arrived. More than a tenth of amtgiisim are actually moved. Front command: רמ”ט” privileged combatants “service

תאריך: 19/03/2013, 12:30    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Dozens of recruits to the search and rescue brigades of the HFC
Have a special reception – head down the home front command, Brig. Gen. boruch ezagui Tesler, yesterday morning (Monday) to the line to talk with new recruits and to answer their questions. “Each of you should see a large IDF recruitment and service as a warrior,
He said Brig. Gen. Tesler. “The fighters and rescue workers to save lives across the protection function
For the State, and you should be proud you have a chance to sit here on the first day of your service.

Some statistics: in the current draft, 11% of amtgiisim are actually moved, 12% (!) of the boys come from the streets, and 8% of the area of Jerusalem and Beer Sheva each. The home front command specifies a constant increase in motivation, as last shbmhazor 28.5% of the boys ranked first in preferences questionnaire to be fighters and rescue brigades.

Recruits will join the four search and rescue brigades of the HFC – daybreak, promote, and Smith, when the latter was founded officially only a few months ago. During the basic training and advanced training will start training next to the search and rescue training. Search and rescue brigades, where fighters are serving alongside warriors are routine operational employment as fighter Regiment.
In an emergency role to non-conventional events and disaster and destruction events.

Translated from Hebrew