Ride for life

Dozens of riders and wounded u.s. Army and IDF disabled veterans participated this week on cycling to Israel and Palestine to contact the various hot

תאריך: 10/11/2011, 15:45    
מחבר: אביחי חיים, אתר צה”ל

Dozens of cyclists, including American military and wounded in IDF, attended week cycling trip across the country. During the journey the riders visit Arad, Masada, Kfar giladi, in line, and throughout the Galilee. The Organization organized a military friend riding in the USA (FIDF) and the wounded warriors project-American project designed to support and assist American soldiers wounded during military service.

“The aim of the trip is to help the physical and mental rehabilitation of wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to raise the issue of soldiers wounded on the public agenda in Israel and the United States,” explains Gal hayun cyclists, “this year’s journey began in Caesarea and continued for nine days of them three days riding around 105 miles north” only.

“Sports such as bicycle journey, contributes to strengthening the relationship between IDF
And the Jewish communities around the world. During previous campaigns, friendships were woven between the riders from USA to Israel and IDF disabled veterans this year they warm relationship, “says Chairman
IDF life organization. “This journey is a manifestation of Valor and courage that characterizes
IDF in their struggle for their rehabilitation.

The wounded warriors project (Wounded Warrior) is an American project, designed to support and assist American soldiers wounded during military service, most of them in Iraq and Afghanistan. The organization provides to wounded soldiers of a special bicycle that correspond to every soldier and wounding of a soldier, and organizes events where soldiers can ride together and realize their dreams.

Translated from Hebrew