Roy, Sir, you’ve all still missing

רועי רוזנר ז”ל

“You nofelch 27-year-old, but older. I’m nowhere near being a colleague
Like colleagues. To tell the truth-it’s over my head. But you know I’m trying. ” A personal letter to fallen Commander

תאריך: 15/04/2013, 13:11    
מחבר: ז’ (השם המלא שמור במערכת)

Each piece of dunes or any familiarity Bush brings me back like a movie.
Olive orchards with different animals and strange the astonished presence of humans surprised even me, the silence that prevailed, it seemed a little sense.

When we left Gaza, the border police called us and I was thinking in my head all the praise I received from you, not present throughout the day since injured-Ilan said: “Roy was proud.” And I understand that prison, asked the Deputy why he speaks in the past tense, and at the time halfway embracing Avidan whispering in my ear? “Roy died.

Tell you the truth I didn’t know I wasn’t expecting Rosner that I only did even hurt yourself then click point to stop the bleeding.

Half-past that point already turned bloody from captain to captain, buried you and even get the main gate Friday.

Mad bad on the operational situation. I felt like a lion without teeth. I didn’t know
How to unload the aggression troops because of higher order and even very good-but not great. I went as usual to my Department, while making sure to block someone
A little more closely.

I can’t be like, but I try to love you like I love pcodii. Real dad.

27 in nofelch you, but for me you’re a bit older and protect who acts a little differently than everyone else. I’m nowhere near being a colleague as you would to your colleagues. To tell the truth-it’s over my head. But you know I’m trying.

I’m trying to scrape some from you, and if this high-rise building amshil I present in the lobby, the elevator. Just can’t stand the scale values. I’m trying to be like a huge personality and ever-head soldiers present fire and danger, and truly humble.

Rosner, I hope this is somewhat similar.

I apologize for not visiting hope and cheer parents. It’s hard for me!
And uncomfortable situation, too. I don’t think I can comfort them. I hardly know what to do with it. Myself this is just, life goes on here, the wars
Both these wars, and nothing is no different if I fight again to win like Aqua.

One more thing I almost forgot, the company was able to carry out tasks almost without feeling you’re gone. Yes I know it sounds bad but it’s a good thing that you always said is a company shmpkada not present. Our warriors were so good, Lions. You can be proud-you don’t want to tell you they cried.

So in the meantime. Loves like a brother.

A former combat officer in today.

The writer was the Commander of a platoon in the battalion that was running running help under the command of Lieutenant Commander Roy Rosner, Roy was killed during an encounter with terrorists in operation
Cast lead.

Translated from Hebrew