Running on air.

אשר סבידנסקי

Air force race, held first ever attended by 1,000 soldiers and civilians in Ramat Negev views. The report stressed the importance of improvement of the fitness aspect of the contact and its residents. The Commander of the school, who initiated and hosted the race, said: the way reach physical and mental victory.

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מחבר: נדבר דויטשר וסיון פלג

After many days of arduous training and stopwatches, he expected moment. Brigadier General Doron gavish, the Commander, fired the starting shot thus declared the start of the race. Unlike rain flood Northern and central Israel,
Not really encouraged to go out from the blankets, the weather in the Negev plateau and was donated to good feeling prevailed. A thousand runners gathered from around the country, various air force bases and running groups, in which 1, Navy, Magellan unit “,” יהל”ם unit and many civilians gave up the chance to enjoy the views known. Race three: assign people, 5 km 5 km and 10 km competitive competitive, and divided by the soldiers.

The Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan, a number of fitness “is a permanent trend
The air force and we just have to go. I hope the second race will be more and more competitors as soldiers and civilians. The race represents three things that stylus air force motto on fitness which connect hearts and strengthen the mind, strengthening the ties with the country and cooperation among the various arms.

Not so the race was held. In recent years, the air force put the country
At the top priority and strengthen relationship with this space. Ramat Negev Council worked in full cooperation with the school, set up along the route and concern for the environment in 1991. Head of Regional Council sports, Ellie Lupo, said he was happy to host the first race and hope in the future the competition held. “I must say that I am in a lot of sports and I’ve never seen such event from the picker like today. I look forward to further strengthen the bond between the community.

Also, the school Commander, Col. Yariv shnapp, believe in the collaboration between the community. “We live together with many military personnel, copied from here.
So the context is obvious. Not simple conditions not not and we get extensive support from the community. We support back-made bicycle trails and our military give private lessons to the residents of the area.

Beyond being a school Commander, Col. Schnapp conceived the idea to hold the race in long rolled out the idea in my head, until I decided to share by e-mail to Lt. Zvika Peleg-combat fitness officer in the air force and the contest began to skin membrane. I’m glad the race went on and participating where soldiers from the troops and civilians. It expressed the importance of physical fitness and I believe the way to physical and mental-victory “Schnapp practicing as much as possible, he ran twice a week and visit the gym and won first place among the commanders, running five miles” shape about a priority and air force soldiers are trained in the schedule and the evidence is that there is no time no Gym full of people “.

Indeed, strengthening according to Schnapp of Colonel came running team from f to first place overall among all participants of the competition.

Running on air.

Participant performs pranks

Photographer: IDF

  • Running on air.
  • Running on air.

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