Running on the North to pom

צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

Combat engineering slogan, “first”, received a year in unique exercise Regiment gathered. On the menu: fighting in a built-up area, a water barrier
And lots of explosions.

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The blackout, the warriors have reached their destination. They began on the occupation and scanning of the site with the launchers, directed towards the State of Israel. Slowly noticeable through the daisies in the giant and now the squads, which turned the Warriors
Disable vanish. Experienced engineering fighters identified goals, prepare explosive systems at once blew up the explosives. Silence returned to the northern sector.

These descriptions are not part of the six-day war or the Yom Kippur war. They are nothing but a minor part in the same training company held a and tour Department
Of the engineering battalion 601 (gathered), the Golan Heights last week.

To “enemy” fighters came after overnight timeline, when the fighters do it on rovith about פומ”ות (burglar engineering obstacles), and the Warriors way machs. The opening of the mountainous axis, is part of the same tasks performed minor combatants within the company. Another obstacle breaching enemy, fighting in built-up area, an explosion and fire, training in micosh, a water tight barrier, refilling supplies and blasting 600 mines in four days. According to battalion commander Assaf, these capabilities are just some of the required engineering reality.
Security in 2013.

Running on the North to pom

“Such training came to see whether the fighters prepared for future scenario, this time in Northern enemy States” describes, told IDF Col. site, Manor.
“In addition, it is required to improve the basic qualifications and personal effectiveness of the Warrior.
He continues to deepen knowledge in (armoured fighting vehicle) and weapons, and fitness-everything from troop Warrior.

According to Deputy Commander of the Regiment, major Warnick, raising age eligibility began in individual training followed in class, when the next step is training, and from there company-training and regimental training brigades. “All the fighters passing last week, giving them an understanding
What is required of them in the next conflict, and puts them to the highest standards in terms of investment activity. We may, but we do it with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, “explained major Warnick.

Muddy, easy battle

While the Sun hasn’t managed to emerge from the East, mighty warriors “rovith”-a critical machs reaching enemy territory. However, the way to achieve the goal is simple, and the Warriors is a complex task. The enemy chose to tackle
The warriors and digging canals, followed by pick up batteries to prevent them from penetrating into the ground. But the enemy knows what tools they use, and their stubbornness in carrying out the task. When the D-9-ready for action, pending the pom in the mud of the Golan Heights, and the Warriors watching while the first bulldozer operators fill the Canal with mud, while the second bulldozer placed firmly over the bridge onto the battery. At the same time, make sure the fighters that no mines waiting for pom in enemy territory, with glee.
The mines and marked the way to their own territory.

Running on the North to pom

Within a few minutes, mission accomplished. With care and professionalism, make the warriors the challenge put in front of them and entered into the country to resume hostilities. In practice, the following survey to the Golan Heights, the ride on the pom in deep stream crossing Northern guy, of constant drip the property February level, inclement “Winter exercise in the Golan Heights summer practice harder, especially for engineering battalion, the battalion XO, but the harsh weather, the engineering tool to get frozen handled challenging but ultimately all of these improve the combat capabilities and keep them in extreme situations”.

As mentioned above, the networking of the Golan Heights in space launchers and decoy, is complicated and requires special preparation. For that worked in the weeks before the commanders through field tours, and the work and the objectives targeted in the officer training supply battalion
Along with platoon, on a direction. In addition, the day the enemy fighters was another role and to the current exercise late at night, waiting for the enemy to uniform garments other great warriors “rovith” machs inside houses, which made training fighters of urban warfare. With the fog and the darkness,
Wary not to perform two-sided shooting, found in fighting in a built-up area.

The fighting ended with a company in a unique Act and Visual-blast a minefield. In the field, which mines placed him more than 20 years, 600 mines and spanning an area of 2.5 km2. The work of the engineering on this occasion is unique and where the apparatus with waves of mines they reveal all and the explosion a few hours later. “An explosion (a minefield) serves two purposes: the civil service by clearing the land for agriculture, and training the fighters in explosives and micosh, required of them, described major Warnick.

Running on the North to pom

The fatigue that accompanied the rovith fighters and warriors of machs, cities for hours, hardly evident on their faces. Upon completion of one task and the start of the next mission, the fighters escorted the larva or mud from their shoes hollow where folklore songs. “The sense of being capable of such training soldier rising significantly,” said the company commander, Captain rovith of light, “the fact that they perform complex tasks in extreme conditions contributes to their strength, and, ultimately, making them a very real challenge expected in their next fight.

Translated from Hebrew