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צילום: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

In the edited hatm Samaria environmental comprehensive day attended by all soldiers. Recently implemented measures to reduce line hatm environmental pollution

תאריך: 10/05/2012, 16:21    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Keep the green line: operational sector as Samaria חטמ”ר find
The time to preserve nature and not only the citizens of the region. This week conducted environmental day
The participation of all the soldiers, hatm Israel nature and Parks Authority and “reindeer”.
During the day, held lectures on the relationship between the IDF and nature in Judea and Samaria, collected hundreds of pounds of plastic bottles, newspapers and old tires, special bapalla in support of the Organization and were returned to the bench for the ecological base.

“Already last year dedicated a day of lectures on the subject of the environment, but we realized that we need to take the soldiers and convinced they can do in the cycle, and they also profit from it,” explained Brigade Commander, Colonel wide Nimrod Aloni,
“When you touch the subject, you also believe in and something different.”

The base boast extensive green activity. Among other things, garbage collection days are held periodically, built new treatment center for vehicles that prevents soil pollution power applied by the blackout saves thousands of dollars a month to a Division, and conducted widespread cooperation
Between nature and Parks Authority in preventing illegal hunting and harvesting in nature reserves.
“In recent years the representative nature and Parks Authority accompanied each battalion entering the sector, and also participated in our state assessments”, said that, “our awareness to the illegal hunting and harvesting are very high, and we are working to prevent it.”

However, the saying that one can aspire to green future, and to continue to apply the theme of recycling and protecting the life and nature in sector, combined with the security tasks. “The sector has much to do with the connection between nature,” said Army Colonel Aloni. “We hope that started today, and in time this will change the perception of many of us,” said regimental education officer, second lieutenant Yael rovski.

Translated from Hebrew