Sarah Braverman, a founding member of the women’s Corps, passed away.

שרה ברוורמן, צילום: חיים אזולאי

Braverman, who was the last Jewish settlement, Mitchell said in an interview she gave to the IDF website that she “believes in the ability of women to contribute to Israel

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Sarah (suriak) Braverman, who was a Jewish settlement last Mitchell who fought with the partisans in Europe during World War II, died yesterday (Sunday) at Kibbutz Shamir, in the Upper Galilee.

Braverman, age 94 die, fought in the Palmach and the bar was one of the founders of Kibbutz Shamir and founding women’s Corps in the IDF she was born in 1918 in otosni, Romania, fifth child and family. “At the age of 9 I went to Hashomer Hatzair movement, she told
In an interview to the IDF website, “all we campers, family and youth movement, we
Active in the Zionist movement. Collected money for the Jewish National Fund in the belief that we are helping to build the country, “she says. In 1938 she was chosen to go abroad on behalf of a designated for student work, while other members have raised unexpectedly to Gaul.

With the arrival came the agricultural school near Ness Ziona springs. The household work which learned she describes rpthnot as a designer. There she met the ADA Fishman, who founded and ran the farm, and later became the first hospitality company to a major activist for women’s rights in Israel. After a short time in the delegates came to raise the girls Defense Organization.

In 1940 moved to magdiel, where there was a temporary camp. “We had eight barracks, dining room and two donkeys, is recovered in an interview,” it was a crazy poverty could work in agriculture that still preferred to employ Arab workers were more experienced farmers. During this period she took part in the theft of weapons in her frame, until she heard about the founding of the Palmach team volunteered four boys and a girl.
One-I. Neither the army, but all my life I’ve always wanted to do more than
You need. The army is fantastic and is a great part of my life. “

The Palmach came suriak way to different courses: course weapons, introductory classes and controls
Commanders course. “We are humble people”, she described the period?
I thought I’d get awards and decorations or lighting a beacon in the 62nd independence day. We went because we had to do. The way men and never did. “

A few years later joined suriak 37 “” settlement, Mitchell fought shoulder to shoulder with
The British against the Germans in Europe. “When I was in the world, approached me a little guy named Chen and asked if I was willing to go to Europa. Suriak agreed immediately.
The Group tznachnity took a big risk, especially when Greece that unlike men who had crossed enemy lines and considered their captive fighters, women were considered to be at the death. “I spent
The first night at the warehouse with partisans. Helping prisoners English camps in Romania and everyone looked to us Jews. Lived with partisans in the forests, according to messages
Living and tried to create. Brought them food and money. Compared to the Palmach members partisans appear to be millionaires, “she described.

After the establishment of Israel, the first Chief of staff Ya’akov Dori suriak established the women’s Army Corps Chief of staff “put me and rose grshonovitz ‘ who was an officer in the British army into his Office and told us that we should establish the women. I asked him how to do it in Yiddish, and he said he didn’t know, and we will get back to it, “she said in an interview to the website. Finally they managed to organize a list of 33 girls who knew from different courses and the British army and returned to, a parent must provide their weapons and equipment. And the rest is history.

The service finished singing at major. “I believe in the necessity and the ability of women to contribute and the TNI will be more sophisticated, much more important and interesting places and progress of women is easier,” she summed up.

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