“Saturday” chef Division 7: Israeli recipe straight from the field.

איור: ג’ס בן-ארוש, דו”ץ. צילומים: זאב מרמורשטיין, דו”ץ.

Forgot aloff and tuna and start to preheat the oven: IDF website for you the collector tchoni of the best cooks around. Today on the menu: chicken stuffed with eggplant, tahini sauce and syrup

תאריך: 01/04/2013, 12:18    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Not many chefs can boast quality צה”ליים that host President and Chief. But the 7th Armored Brigade, which had already won the honor.
A few months ago, such quality food has already become a standard. The designed “Saar Golan.” it seems like every day prepared to visit the President. Already at 7:00 a.m. start of the shrionerim cooks to work vigorously for the meals that served mostly to the troops and headquarters level.
The Division. The erect chrais, pampering and bread at the Castle, the Divisional Officer, Eggplant salads, not coming out of the bar without grinding.

Except for occasional treats, try the Division maintain a healthy cuisine, but the food’s taste is not affected in any way. “In recent years we have begun to introduce a healthy-cuisine menu I mean without a lot of tigonim and generally free of fatty food. Try to do things like antipasti, oven baked potatoes with vegetable collector, or eggplant. Besides, we like to serve hot soup in the winter, and if possible it is better to diversify from cereals and vegetable salad, lentils, beans, except the kitchen staff Sgt. major, Staff Sgt. major Rami Ohana. Also in the evening, when meat, try to spoil: pizzas, pies, baked פוקאצ’ות
A tabun oven and taste are not a dirty word for cake. Also whoever closes on weekends can take comfort that at least fill the dining shbises. “For us in the kitchen 7 should give the soldiers a better atmosphere and a hotel,” clarifies the IDF site responsible for the kitchen
Ariel Ohana. The flag keeps his Ohana mainly to Saturdays to treat the soldiers close-stuffed chicken with rub.

“Saturday” chef Division 7: Israeli recipe straight from the field.

Stuffed with chicken rub

Pussy to pussy and half of rice
Half a cup of bulgur or sliced vegetables to choose from
Herbs according to taste.


Take the chrais and remove the bones so that the meat. Meanwhile, prepare
The rice. Cook it in a pot of water together with vegetables or bulgur, by preference.
After the rice is ready fill the chrais.
The SILAN apply now gently with a brush and wrap the foil chrais. You must preheat the oven to 180 degrees and insert the chrais for half an hour. After a half hour remove the chrais and apply another layer of syrup, and return to heat another 15 minutes, until the color
Golden Appetite!

Grilled Eggplant with tahini

1 large Eggplant
Lemon juice from one lemon
Half or a whole onion
Salt and pepper to taste

“Saturday” chef Division 7: Israeli recipe straight from the field.


You must select the Eggplant Purple color and luminance to assume as it grills. Every two minutes to change the order for Greece tzliitho roast well on all sides. After the shell outward ~ download the eggplant.
From the fire. Now you must select:
The whole Eggplant has to cross two “tubs” and spoiling the tahini.

The salad, you must scrape the knife and finely chopped eggplant. Then add finely chopped onions also, salt and pepper to taste. In step
Next, add two or three tablespoons of tahini, after opening it with water and lemon juice to taste. Ready!

Translated from Hebrew