Save the classifier that revealed special award: skydiver who fell in Jerusalem

צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

The family of cpl. Eliav, alashri in brave rescue attempt on Mt. Scopus, was close to fifty years of info. This week won his name, shadow Chief

תאריך: 02/06/2013, 11:14    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

After decades of use and anticipation, this week the family of cpl. Eliav alashri z l … cpl. the alashri distinguished service Chief, who served in the battalion.
Parachute Regiment, fell at the battle of Mount Scopus in 1958, when the patrol about commanded was attacked and was
Fatal fire in the field subject. When one of his men injured, cpl. alashri in a bold step to rescue him from the place, and was killed during the rescue.

Former Chief of general staff Haim laskov signed the shadow, but at that time the IDF did not publish the names of the soldiers who were killed because of confidentiality and the armistice agreements, and therefore the family of cpl. alashri didn’t know all of the details of his death and his virtue. Ten years ago, discovered the family on a darling, and decided to request the granting of the army.

Who initiated the ceremony was corporal alashri’s brother-in-law, given grain. “I served in the paratroopers brigade and I believe that my brother-in-law went after the Division,” he said excitedly in front of battalion fighters “threshold”. “It was important for me and my family to be granting a Eliav, who fell
54 years ago without knowing the circumstances. “

Save the classifier that revealed special award: skydiver who fell in Jerusalem

The troop threshold audio exciting story “operation by then Chief Scout mountain region, and heard the story of the battle of operation spring of youth quoted Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Emmanuel Shaked.

“Night fell on sublime to be privileged partners in providing medals. Special mention רמטכ”ל and warrior who fell in the battle of heroic discovery. The story raises the estimate can teach us fighters today, on what is sacrifice, what protection and bravery, “said the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Yuval.

Awarding special mention among Gaza coaching

“We are today at the end of a series of training and employment of combat step
Gaza sector “intensive said Lieutenant Colonel. “I have no doubt that, thanks to the hard work and the human material, we can embed our on line. The attempt to bring something else to the sector and to design her a new reality, the more friction at each point and each enemy that tracks your head. “

The Meg survey Regiment activity in recent months, saying that “the newly training ends with pillar in the Middle, gave expression to the strength of the regiment. All the missions traditionally evoke. Beginning in the Golan, through the staging ground during entrance pillar, operational after pillar and terrorists many of the realities of design the day after.

Recently I decided to give ל”פתן” Excellence “volcano” designed for operational employment in 2012. “It is not customary to give the operation a short three months employment with sleepy
Like the line, “explained Lt. Col. Hermon. “But despite this decided the Division Commander and his fighters because you deserve and that commanders on the disclosure letter, operational definition and intensity”.

Translated from Hebrew