Scout unit in South hosted bereaved families during the holiday Bedouin victim

בכירי יחידת הגששים ואח שכול המשרת ביחידה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Recruitment among the Bedouin is voluntary, and therefore careful in maintaining contacts with families of the fallen. Scout unit Commander: ‘ we cherish and appreciate the contribution for State security “

תאריך: 16/10/2013, 12:02    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

For the victim’s holiday called southern command the Bedouin families bereaved in southern routines for a gala dinner held at the soldier in Beersheba in leading Scout squad. Usually each event of the Bedouin are North,
The Bedouin White hand, and many families living in the South not because of the distance. In total, there are approximately -184 bereaved families in the Bedouin population, 42 in the South. 
“The event is designed to strengthen families, to cherish and appreciate what their sons contributed for
State security, said in a conversation with the IDF site probes Commander in the South, Colonel Yossi Hadad. “We understand that while growing loss Christmas grows, so we wanted to strengthen them and to say happy holiday,” said Colonel hone.

The bereaved families find shoulder support in connection with the probes. “Because most events happen in the North, families in the South find a sympathetic ear among Scouts unit,” said Colonel hone. “Family contact is fixed and we know how to connect the families and take them to the Memorial room of opened only a year and a half ago,” he added.

When it comes to the Bedouin population, the army recruitment is voluntary, the importance of maintaining and treating the bereaved families is long. “It is important that we show them as all
Another bereaved family who lost their son Israel systems, we go to them with joy and sorrow, not forgetting them, “said Colonel hone. “The high response, the presence of women and men and when and the shows we do army
What we as an organisation tasked with values, “added Chief Scout unit and concluded that” it is important to have one on of the ADA.

Translated from Hebrew