Sea Breeze: Yuval ל”טייסת Western protectors.”

The naval air force indicates 25 years of activities between waves and thick. Eshel’s partner “to ensure the security of the country, distant days.
And the intensification of efforts. “

תאריך: 19/09/2012, 15:20    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Blue uniforms and white illustrated last week the launch of the bat at Ramat David, not for routine training or operational missions, but in a ceremony marking the establishment of six “to the West”. The exciting ceremony attended by Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, Chief Navigator of the Navy, Brig. Gen. Oded live LAVI and Squadron, past and present.
The unique and sole squadron in the air force was established in August 1987 at palmahim base, when it was decided to buy a helicopter for the Navy to use maritime missions such as rescue, observation and pinpointing targets.
The first helicopter squadron was the type Eurocopter HH-65 dolphin, was transferred from the “sword” Squadron “. The squadron moved on through several vicissitudes, including closing the pilot, turning and lgef re-establishment at Ramat David. He later doubled its size with the purchase of the helicopters which replaced the Dolphin helicopters. In addition, the squadron lost six people in a helicopter accident in 1996, Dolphin and attacks on Lebanon war spear ins sets.
“Only the West has Squadron patches against key diseases, sea Commander.
The pilot, Lt. Col. Rennie, except the Western Squadron, West knows no borders. ” After presenting historical films, the squadron has memories, and that exclusion letter, said squadron leader for the near future. “The pilot continues
And to develop and recently recorded a new radar, allowing us to find more targets and distances, “he said. In addition, Lt. Col. Rennie to close relationship with Navy and said that “cooperation is the fruit of many years of effort and is a role model to the entire army. We will continue to carry out our shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to shoulder, and in a typical family.
Delegate wearing white uniforms who came to greet the Prime partner, Navigator, said that “full intgrality between the helicopter to craft and critical cooperation for the success of the procedure and,
Nr Western protectors and Navy transport organic unit. Brig. Gen. live LAVI indicated that the pilot knows how to translate the language of the air force and marine, and is important in establishing the shilobies bridge, “is the greatest strength of the IDF and, if it is proven in every operation and task, close and far away.” In addition, Brig. Gen. Israel live LAVI “squadron to continue developing and utilizing common and the optimal air from above sea level to strengthen Israel’s security and a quick victory in the war.
The air force commander said that “vision and idea grew a small squadron and focused, most expert, and the increase in the naval squadron has more
You’re an important activity, and was a partner in ensuring security of the country in days, in intelligence gathering, prevention and empowerment efforts. In addition, the report addressed the challenges
Expected, and said that “current turbulent history.  We don’t know what day it is time to increase the readiness and vigilance, to accelerate efforts in between the wars, strengthen cooperation in and establish a joint database to fight, “said. “The us is required, it is possible and feasible to make the combination between sea and air, new provinces. This is a test of will and good people will bring it success, “said Eshel.
Ramat David Base Commander, Colonel NIR explained that although the squadron of the Israeli air force, is the air force of the Navy. “On the day the flag engraved ‘ operational ‘. The Squadron is sailing over 20 times a year, together with naval squadron occupying new districts, including special activities partnership, closures, naval battle, rescue in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, “he said. He added that the CDC “is etched on the squadron flag. Bright white uniforms mixed with the Blue Squadron. Cooperation is
Between commanders and headquarters but the most impressive of all is the cooperation in the cockpit (cockpit)-aerial and marine fighters along with helicopter, one task. Air crews and technicians shakers together on ship cruises and it works and plays, with a common shlcholm. Colonel NIR noted that “this technology back in the evening, sights and memories, but the head facing forward to challenges, tasks, new districts that this journey is not over, and this voyage continues.

Translated from Hebrew