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In hope to save next year approximately 10% of the consumption of water and electricity, he targeted savings of 15% until 2020. Among others, iotemo hybrid manufacturing systems
On some bases

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מחבר: רוני צידון, אט“ל ולי ירון, במחנה

Great step in protecting the environment, and presents a series of
New steps will be taken this year.  “The IDF’s role is to protect the country, but there is no reason not to create balance and to keep the environment too, if commanders the tools to do it,” said the head of the environmental protection, Lt. Col. Eli Paz. “Alongside the constant security, we also engage in a struggle to preserve quality of life. It’s a struggle if you nourish it, winning the bet, “he added.

Along with rises in prices of water and electricity last week, IDF next year will save about 10% in water consumption and electricity together: seven need of water and three. Target: decrease by 15 percent until 2020. After a decline of about 5 percent in parts and water consumption between the years 2010 and 2011, and estimated decline of at least five percent and three electricity in 2012.

“Great in power every year,” said Lieutenant Colonel. “The army has grown and evolved, using equipment that requires greater energy usage,” he explained. In order to provide additional power during the year be hybrid systems based on several energy sources installed in bases around.

The purpose of the systems is to allow independent power capability for IDF bases, so that the base can be connected to the electrical grid, and in the event of a power failure it will be possible to adjust the system to utilize solar energy accumulated during the day or wind that titsber.
Hybrid generator will be stationary, portable and set up a joint venture in cooperation with development agencies. in addition, the generator will solve the problem of environmental noise nuisance order communities near bases צה”ליים.

Significant savings in water consumption, connection bases to the sewers.

Most future savings in water comes from increased use of waterless urinals, which are already installed in many army bases over the past year. In addition, a pilot for dloachim water for irrigation, “air force base premises.” Within the pilot system will return the first water. “Ramon camps and any version of the system.
We aim to create something that fits the base procedure, “explained רמ”ד research and development on environmental protection, major Abdul.

But efforts to achieve energy efficiency, the IDF has also to deal with hazards
Environment. The IDF recently invested significant resources at military bases and facilities with the main sewer systems of the local authorities.
In the past, the IDF military camp authored 18 sewage systems, PBX and next year’s planned 19, including two that are currently in progress. This from
About 180 of them camps, which were built many years ago (some more a British legacy), that are not connected to the sewage system, and these bases sewerage drains into empties oxidation greeting by the IDF in a while.

One of the leading causes of pollution is land pollution in residue fuels and oils, which can seep groundwater. In order to combat the phenomenon, planned in 2013 upgrading 11 gas stations, by constructing concrete surfaces and joints to prevent the diesel and gasoline contact with the ground and destroy the infection completely. When all eyes are IDF South crossing, investing both in historical surveys mtepnot units from the central region. Surveys, some of which are performed by an external company, designed to detect potential infections to examine the value soil when it returned to land Israel Manager.

“Today the army pays annually 70 million dollars for dumping,” explained Lieutenant Colonel. “If we’il recycle more, pay less. We set ourselves a goal within seven years will no longer waste does not become machosert in its body all the leftovers; Are waste bins, wet cardboard, plastic, etc. Already last month deployed positions for recycling paper, cardboard and paper, all IDF bases throughout the country. Inter alia, special carts for newsprint were scattered, “tposiot” – green recycling containers containers or cages are designed to shred paper and cardboard were placed. The first was held now separated in 15 wing air force pilot. Meanwhile, in February.
Rose budding revolution of green procurement, purchasing bodies that affect the IDF began to study the characteristics of acquisitions to boost the purchase of items that can be recycled as biodegradable cups and packaging.

Cooperation with NATO for protecting the environment

In recent years, there has been increased awareness of the environmental protection issue in WWII
Significant, and work to increase awareness of the tremendous importance in maintaining the environment and nature. This year will be the environmental protection courses as OCs, מ”כים course, basic, int, and Po, as well as Luftwaffe medical courses, armament and logistics. Later this year, it was decided that any senior officer logistics unit will be responsible also for environmental protection. Hundreds of logistics officers are trained and instructed. This year also recorded a collaboration with first United States Army, which included the transfer of research findings on the issue of preserving the environment. Meanwhile, in July soon convene a workgroup topic environmental protection of NATO armies, and the IDF representatives will convene for the first time.

“An integral part of the principal activity is the prevention of environmental damage, but by 2012 there were no IDF regulations and orders governing the environmental issue,” explained the head of environmental protection. “What made our difficulty in dealing with legal moves against us and implement all environmental legislation. So after the past year tmano standing orders on issues like the treatment of environmental noise nuisances and recyclable waste collection and evacuation of Israeli army camps, in 2013 the instructions will be posted and enforced when even צה”ליים procedures,” he added.
For example, all new צה”לי structure that will be need in a sustainable building, Green thinking, including huge projects like the instruction or the Union supplies.

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