Segulah: introducing life company of Givati

צילומים: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

פלה”ק infantry composed of physicians and medical professionals, when establishing standard medical complex that can provide treatment for a variety of injuries:” high security
In our professionalism. “

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

They were on the border fence with Lebanon war zar’it II, went
The area of operation and okapzzo during operation “pillar”, motivation for service. Still, after years of activity, the company front crash (פלה”ק) purple Division’s not tired, and continues to practice even though many of its members have long passed the age of reserve service. A few weeks before “pillar”, the PLA exercise where the resuscitation equipment torgla, long foot traffic with weights, complex layout, treating the wounded, רק”ם etc.

“During the operation we realized how important this was, and that contributions to training of warriors”, says the Commander, Maj. AVI to IDF website.
“It gave them a lot of peace of mind, and had obvious they can handle it. Because of the training they felt very safe to go, “he said.

Abortion is a reserve Infantry Brigade, consisting mainly of soldiers who began his military service in the Regiment, and currently serve as physicians, paramedics, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, etc. During emergencies, the role of the PLA is critical in saving and saving lives of warriors in battle, when it established a front area where you can provide advanced medical care to casualties, and has the soul, blood transfusion and ICU.

And is called the emergency. During the operation the company has several trainings such as Agave, practice of urban warfare, medical training, equipment
In new equipment, and a medical corps briefing about the accents-prepared for treatment.

The Giv’ati son

In an exercise conducted weeks before the operation, the team practiced for a week in the concluding exercise. “The aim of the exercise to preserve as a service company in the fields of medicine and organization,
Explains medical officer of Givati, Captain Michael Belkin. “Making the exercise of an ordinary training is that we decided to focus on basic warfare qualification at the expense of medical content. We have high confidence in the professional capability of the company, and therefore it is important to strengthen federal incompetence and space for walking on foot with the layout and equipment, “he added.

Segulah: introducing life company of Givati

The company had a long cultivation came at Ketziot, where infantry underwent profound theoretical lessons in the field of medicine and plugatis warfare training. In addition, they’re back.
For medical content, classes, demonstrations, dedicated training and equipment layouts to Hashem in conjunction with the mental health of southern command.

It was not just training, started walking 5 miles on their backs, carried the supplies are in need in order to treat the wounded. “Challenging walking, wearing regimental
The company רס”ל RES ndiock, ouriel” we walk this time adopted in combination with heavy equipment, but we got a job as a company which gives a sense of pride that we target.

When they finished the walk, from the stage of treating wounded. The wounded embodied the Division Defense cadets who came to the compound on נגמ”שים. “It doesn’t happen a lot of students with” רק”ם, Commander of the PLA, major RES AVI.

As ה”פצועים shordo” Herc, first major ret. was desirous of Sergei דומצ’יק, whose days as normal is used as a general surgeon. He appreciates the injured State and refers them to the appropriate medical treatment. Captain דומצ’יק, volunteer in company, wasn’t even drafted
Regular service to act. As when the Earth was 25, and therefore not obliged to enlist. But Captain דומצ’יק the better late than never, and volunteer reserve service in purple, Division wanted to get following us serving. “I really wanted to donate, and I saw that my friends are military doctors,” recalls captain דומצ’יק, “went to ROTC
Reserves and after many efforts made it to the company. Besides serving in the PLA comes
Captain דומצ’יק also reserve service in an elite unit in the air force, and participated in the expedition to Burgas in a terror attack against Israelis in Jerusalem. The axle on his shoulders he has been granted only after exercise, a surprise night company.

Came to the House.

In the second phase of the exercise, unlike the first scenario where the wounded are concentrated in one place, the wounded are scattered, and navigational element. “It is important to practice all these situations and to prepare them for it in order to know how to act during wartime,” explains the crepe.

“Exercise! End of exercise! “yells one of the platoon when they handle ה”פצועים. ” The sweaty company members, in the heat of the early afternoon hours,
Quick to pick up and fit into combination bus. “What draws people to continue
A volunteer Regiment and flew their togetherness is maintained for years, share a ndiock רס”ל,” is appealing to come again and again.

Segulah: introducing life company of Givati

“The exercise prepared me further that State gave us a simulation of what happens in a place you don’t know”, says EMT paramedic, רס”ל RES Eldar Chekroun,” much of what contributes to the success of these people in the company. These are people, academics, who are aware of the importance of working together. “

And so, after a week of ranges, theoretical classes, except dry and wet, and finally white remembered night tasting-ה’חומי spread their members go to abortion.
A combination bus, tired but satisfied. “The exercise was successful, would rise enough to say” the company commander before leaving the combination bus.

Later this week, the company kept her 10 simulation of casualty. It is apparent that due to exercise, as the Warriors 8 warrant shokapzzo they felt ready, confident and their eligibility to participate in the operation. “The feelings were very good and attendance of nearly 100 percent,” recalls major. “A lot of people who came had to go south, that feel as if they are coming to the House.

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