Senior EO: no change in the open-fire regulations

Senior Judea and Samaria Division, given the recent events in the sector, that “the rules of engagement had not changed and well-known soldier and Commander, who know how to respond appropriately to any required scenario.

תאריך: 19/12/2012, 09:10    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Senior Judea and Samaria Division treats today (Tuesday) to the recent events in the sector and said that “there was no change in the open-fire regulations in the region, are clear and well-known soldier, jungle, who give an appropriate response to any
Required scenario.

Senior Chief was referring to several incidents in recent weeks, including a video of soldiers near the ancient Township “, and also referred to recent incidents in Hebron and further order, including disorders that the open-fire regulations are not clear and therefore acted as they did. However, noting that “this past March tikepno the open-fire regulations, and distributed to the level of Deputy Company Commander, and clarity of what counts.
And what is not considered to be life threatening.

“It is important to note that in any event, the open-fire regulations require discretion.
Eventually the soldier needs to evaluate whether it is life threatening, and then
Open fire or to perform procedure for apprehending suspects, “said the senior official, adding that all the instructions are based on purity, and that the use of weapons. In addition, the cause of the incident in which a policewoman shot from Jack to a Palestinian who threatened in Hebron last week, saying that “the determination and fighting restarted just as needed. She did exactly what the open-fire regulations require of her, and she is in life-threatening situations.
Palestinian fighting soldier identified by Islands and tried to save his life.

Meanwhile, the causes that “where you don’t need to shoot, don’t shoot. The containment policy of the IDF, its purpose is to contain the events without casualties.

Translated from Hebrew