Senior officer about the incident in Kalandia: forces acted in a manner disproportionate


After an initial investigation said a senior officer in the central command that forces
Follow the commands “in a controlled manner and disproportionate” and that the violence shown in the event was
Exceptional and unusual. “

תאריך: 26/08/2013, 19:24    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

A senior officer in the central command refers today (Monday) arrested a wanted senior Qalandiya refugee camp, in the morning, it developed into a violent disturbance when arresting wanted by security forces.

The incident began at 11:00 a.m., when entered the Qalandia camp.
In order to stop the Tanzim activist, requested organizers of the disturbances at the camp including transporting weaponry. “at the beginning of the event develops nonviolent disorderly, 300 shlphot
Palestinians are coming close to powers and throwing blocks, stones, burning mattresses, washing machines and toward ceramic powers, “said the senior officer.

The violation took place 7:30 meters from the ground, and nearby rooftops. “After violating the order has progressed, we put more troops in order to isolate the disorderly and attract
Fire, to make the arrest. A large part of the violation of the right to ride passes entering this stage is requested, 1 hour from the beginning of the incident, described the officer, the Force entered and having a power bar mounted to fire isolation several times, especially around where our forces were life threatening, as Palestinians throw objects down from the rooftops. ” The officer said that during the event recorded live fire towards our troops, as detected by the incident four bullets in cars who accompanied the force.

The officer noted that “in the last three months we focus activities in the Qalandiya refugee camp, a camp with a history of violence. However, the violence shown in the event was exceptional and exceeded in recent months.

Referring to the article, officer powers that “wasn’t nothing planned event,
The program followed. Despite the results, even after a preliminary investigation, the force was controlled and restrained, proportionate. The case could end up with far more casualties and restraint of the power led on the hard reality, the result was explained.

Translated from Hebrew