Senior officer: “all units are set to the bottom entrance.”

Tens of thousands of fighters from the Inland forces are undergoing various training series on fire, in the ideal of simulators to simulate the surface of רצע”ז

תאריך: 19/11/2012, 22:41    
מחבר: שני כהן, אתר זרוע היבשה

Warriors of the regular forces and reserves continue to practice for all
Command. Since the beginning of the ‘ pillar ‘ six days ago, raised tens of thousands of reserve forces of army. From the moment of recruitment played a varied training troops in open fire in simulators and in urban warfare, as almost an exact model of the ground in the Gaza Strip.

Senior IDF indicates that “the vast majority of both regular force and reserve army ready to face any challenge that is in the Gaza Strip, as a result of a very high spirit,
Personal readiness and operational service that comes from intense workouts. He added that “policymakers and the powers themselves are based on regular updates from the field
And adjust themselves to tasks according to reality. You know, the bottom entry require high friction techniques, but the fighters and commanders to deal with any challenge that lies within the Gaza Strip and abroad. “
These moments also ground forces are in the midst of training and logistical networks in Conference, when the connection between them is reflected in the introduction of power with one another. Her introduction useful and prove herself if and when necessary. Those who are in the field share that creates cohesion between regular forces and reservists to created a common proven very helpful when deciding.

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