September צה”לית reduction rule: Broadband training South to North

Dedicated sections dealing with violent disruptions into the southern command and of the North, took ה”נאכבה and events. Commanding forces began to practice early and comprehensive training on the subject.

תאריך: 08/03/2011, 10:08    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט

The IDF is preparing its forces for the riots in September cut the North to the South. Recently the balls were “riots” in southern command and Northern command, responsible for training and providing training to command forces to deal with riots, one of the key scenarios are expected in September.
Sections were built as similar to the section in the band central command as part of the basic training of commanding. Commanding forces began to practice already from the beginning of the summer, and an extensive training.

Training the soldiers are taught several subjects: אלפ”ה measures (measures) and knap (less lethal weapon), their use, techniques, deployment of troops on the ground, in front of the press and against the Palestinian population.
“We will give the maximum to get forces ready for the September events,” said the רמ”ד stripe central command, major fares.

Construction of the sections were part of the the lessons from Nakba Day and nachsa, to improve effective coping facing riots and unlawful violence at various locations. Has been recently started coming South and North (Eliakim) to train various forces
Under plugatit. “Appropriate training could prevent deaths in the North,” explained Maj. Rachel. The central command, however, recently became part of the training for regimental exercises engaged mainly in the riots.

The central command’s bar was established in 2008 in order to improve the readiness of soldiers had to cope with riots over such specific Bil’in, ni’lin
And Nabi Saleh. Last year the increase itself six times in order to meet the operational need to provide training to all generated power is operational in employment, and points to dog, as it has been so far.

Meanwhile, last week updated document of the band theory. The character, composed in mkachch near the opening of the first section, updated following the lessons in the major violations in Nakba Day and nachsa. Old daughter even touch the field courses
From there to the alters the various sectors to the enterprise-level power. The character is distributed to more than 1 level or higher.

Translated from Hebrew