Service Directorate officers patrol in Jerusalem to the Haredi society

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Permanent contacts “breastplate” met the Chief Rabbi of Israel and visited Hebron yeshiva: “prepare the ground for the population.”

תאריך: 29/08/2013, 15:50    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב


IDF wings continue to prepare for the recruitment and integration of the Haredi society in various ways, opening new routes, soldiers
To the extent of the Haredi society. The core members of breastplate, communications center, cohabiting Haredi society on a tour last Monday.
The tour
Encounters with various people and institutions from the ultra-Orthodox community, including visiting Hebron yeshiva, meeting with the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Amar, former, and lectures on behalf of the IDF officials responsible for combining Orthodox – רמ”ד, Maj. Amir integration vaknin, and human resources planning branch teleprocessing, Lieutenant Colonel Yitzhak Levy, who is in charge of integrating the Haredim at Bay.

“Soldiers from the Haredi population receiving is a significant challenge for us,” said Deputy Commander Col. Yair breastplate, unit. “Our goal for this tour is to prepare the soil for absorption of this population, especially the younger generation of commanders — they need to meet the needs and perceptions of the world and values of their future soldier, and this recognition will lead to better” command. “The openness that we won her a Haredi society in this and previous tour tells us that most common of different ways, from education to visions and aspirations”.

Integration of Haredim serve teleprocessing is not new, and in the last six years offers a variety of wing and various courses that enable participants to acquire a profession where they can engage even after the service and the opportunity to integrate into the labour market.

There are two main pathways section for recruits. The track ‘ h ‘ for 4 to 22 members, married and fathers and includes courses such as the course of “Programmer’s unit, the device the participants to develop software and systems used by the IDF.” נצ”ח is intended for younger recruits, mostly veterans. All the routes and the various courses is maintaining appropriate conditions for the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle, including regular daily prayer time, sex segregation, eat kosher mehadrin and masts. The design of computer service Directorate follows in the tracks throughout the service, rush to release, to help all their needs.

Translated from Hebrew