Service Directorate officers to teach the youth about safe use of the network

צילום: אגף התקשוב

On the Internet, reported dozens of service directorate officers to explain to youth about smart and safe use of the Internet. The tenth year it strictly teleprocessing to continue this tradition.

תאריך: 05/02/2013, 17:55    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Dozens of officers from the ICT Department wanted today (Tuesday) in schools throughout
The land for the safe Internet day. This is the 10th year that run service directorate officers in the safe use of the network, as part of a collaboration between teleprocessing to the Education Ministry.

Most of the lectures were held in high schools and junior high schools, and some in small schools. The talks moved second lieutenant rank and officers, and included the benefits of Internet content alongside the dangers lurking online. “The Internet has many advantages, like being able to get information, to get anywhere in the world and meet people from other countries and cultures and can organize a protest as we saw in the summer of 2011,” the IDF site by אג”ם officer in Mr Lieutenant, Wren Schwartz,” However, also
Like the bully on the net, impersonation and pedophilia. In addition there is a phenomenon called phishing attack-attack of the hackers who build a website pretending to be official website, e.g. Bank website and luring skiers to give details such as credit card numbers.

During the lectures teach teens how to use the Internet safely and avoid harming and exploitation, and how to avoid injury to others. “Net bullying is big trouble, and it’s important to talk about it because some teenagers do things without being aware of it, said Captain bully” Schwartz, “we wanted also to listen to children who have experienced bullying online and are afraid to talk about it. To avoid dangers in parents Web
Need to be involved and to talk about with the kids. Children need to be aware of and try not to submit personal information online.

The involvement of teleprocessing youth education to use safe online is being
The Technology Directorate of the IDF, which is responsible, inter alia, to the Internet.
“We’re expanding our activities in the safe Internet day every year,” said Captain Schwartz, “we look at this future vision – these soldiers boys a few years, and we want them to get the army when they look at the Internet as a place to do good things out of him.”

Translated from Hebrew