Seventeen years after us: us Army Enlists homosexuals.


Light unto the liberal spirit that brought Americans to cancel policies “don’t ask, don’t tell” to recruit homosexuals from the military, which declared the IDF in 1993. The IDF Maj. nepld: set an example to the world.

תאריך: 23/12/2010, 15:17    
מחבר: צחי בירן ויונתן אוריך

Us President Barack Obama, who last week signed off on no “policy
Ask, don’t tell “, for the first time that gays and lesbians could serve declared as soldiers in the army. This reality was made after a long public struggle,
In the United States Senate cancelled the law forbidding the service of gays and lesbians in the u.s. military declared.

This is a change of law 17-year “don’t ask, don’t tell”, born during the Presidency of President Bill Clinton to allow the service of gays and lesbians in the military and in fact blocked their way and forced many others to hide their sexuality.
Changing the legislation will allow following the gathering of eight Republican Senators to democratic rule eventually passed by a majority of 65 support against 31 opponents. The decision is considered an important legislative victory to the White House for President Barack Obama who said this week that “the time has come
To close this chapter in our history. “

“We are a nation that believes that all men and women are created equal – and these are the values we support today,” said the President, who joined in late to universal values that characterize the IDF for more than 17 years.


The IDF is already reality

The newspaper editor in camp, major nepld June, Israeli army radio said today that he thinks “coming out” has become the Israeli army almost completely accepted.
Major nepld, a homosexual himself, said in an interview that he “thinks it’s already a reality. Today you can find them many gays and lesbians “.

Major said that he nepld know personally senior officers ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and a Colonel who are living with it. This is proof that it is possible to have a military organization with Warrior’s machete-and naturally – and yet people of all kinds can serve him equal service, and contributing “.

“The Israeli army would intensify a lesbian who married the daughter of Lieutenant Colonel ERI, and the army is helping them in family-related payments and summer camps. The u.s. Army will have
To start dealing with similar issues of economic rights. Actually, the IDF can serve as a model for the military functions with gays and lesbians. There is dark and it still controls not perfect but I hope that it goes and changes, “added Maj. I nepld.


Translated from Hebrew