Sgt. Gabriel צ’פיץ ‘ killed by troops in the central Gaza Strip

Tank crew was on operational activity noticed suspicious figures that cross the fence into Israel, strove to space and another foot pursuit. Golani patrol force has not been updated, the team identified a suspicious vehicle and opened fire at them, which killed Sgt. צ’פיץ ‘

תאריך: 22/03/2010, 14:29    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

PFC Gabriel צ’פיץ, 21, from zichron Yaacov, was killed in the evening (two), during shooting in central Gaza Strip. צ’פיץ: ‘ killed apparently by accident, troops fire during an incident captured by the forces of terrorism event.

The message was delivered to his family. After his death, was Gabriel צ’פיץ ‘ soldier Sergeant first class.

Tank crew was operational on three suspicious figures spotted that cross the fence into Israel territory. Golani patrol force to hoachsh following penetration,
Not updated because the team strove to touch tank and foot pursuit after hacking. The force identified the crew as infiltrators suspected tank and committed to them.

As a result of gunfire killed warrior to tank the rest of the crew. The three infiltrators were arrested and taken to the security forces. Southern Command Chief, Maj. Gen. Yoav Gallant, is an officer with the rank of Colonel to circumstances.

IDF forces operating in sector doing as night to ensure the security of residents and citizens of villages.


Translated from Hebrew