Shaked patrol “Decade to an integral part of the Givati Brigade”

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Sayeret Shaked veterans join the beret quest fighters fresh from the Givati Brigade, to raise the Cruiser values and heritage battle stories.

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מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

In November 2002, the enlisted soldiers during the intifada and many parents feared for the safety, began recruiting cycle of the Givati Brigade soldier Several months later, when covert campaign, and the soldiers were in citizenship several people — fathers and grandparents. They decided to join the Warriors, bringing them spirit and values.
These were men of “almond” Cruiser. November 2012, shmhazor won a purple beret, complementary Association a decade of giving and love.

“Goodbye to veteran Cruiser Shaked!” declares a soldier shortly before embarking on the beret.
Although painted face and its the second ready to get dirty, but also the most tired smile on his lips as cost shipgosh the almond people. Already a decade recognize them. The Commander of the Givati Brigade “Shaked” remember the Cruiser since he was a rookie in March 2005.
Today he has been Captain and they’ve already grandparents, but as though nothing has changed – as instructed by driving Association

Every recruitment cycle get volunteers. Like waves from the sea – they come back again.
Three recruitment cycles per year, throughout the track, don’t miss any time. First Saturday
The inaugural journey, base, and other significant moments beret in training.
Cruiser where them in the evening, throughout the night, without individual consideration. A group of officers, commanders, soldiers and paramedics a legendary Ranger hatagdo simple desire: to convey the values of Zionism and the land cruiser heritage, by moral and battle stories.

“The patrol was right marker Cruisers in the Israel Defense Forces, the Commander of the Givati Brigade described it, Colonel Ofer levy, at the annual memory unit members “The entries were a candle at her feet and her spirit. Until now adopts norms Division Patrol drowned. Is an integral part of the Givati Brigade.

“Our vision is to deliver the message and values for the future generation to be parents, citizens in the country, military commanders and even government officials,” says Danny Pearl accompanied the
The rookies from the beginning of the journey is half-time then. “We’re not having.
We don’t ‘ aunts ‘, although we encourage them and surprises. We’re here to values, heritage, quality human beings here, “explains Pearl.

Shaked patrol “Decade to an integral part of the Givati Brigade”

Nimrod, who was arclis throughout the journey with beret fighting countless time, adding that they did not arrive in order to impart knowledge only. “We’re moving way of life.
Trying to show soldiers have exported memberships of 20-30 years. When connected, the company crystallized State superior quality. And we’re here to affect that and set an example. “

Throughout the night and the day after that members of Sayeret Shaked connected to soldiers. Equipped with Jacuzzi, and cap the end of a track – souvenir from new recruits for 2004 or 2005. On their necks the puck from their own after, almond company logo and any particular statistic, and a camera. With the Giants, they move from point to point and meet the marchers in many places. Each point comes, comes with good intentions, and smiles. They are photographers, the manikins, encourage and motivate consumption. UPS battery Regiment of agads, going a few miles with them and join the battalion of troops numbers Rotem, heritage stories one-on-one combat and almond battalion meets various questions “. and” or get smiles and excitement is requirements acquaintances delivered by young warriors.

ה”רעל, love and care into adhesives. Not only between members of the patrol. Some of the new recruits are “kids”, and the fathers or grandfathers marching with them several miles.
No Hebrew words that allow the description of the experience for the soldiers. Walk with dad.
Some kids knew they joined the Givati Regiment, Shaked.

However, the contagious phenomenon outside the Division. So far was the only Cruiser Shaked veterans who joined the soldiers and acted. Other units now the idea is picked up, the meaning of such volunteer shudder. So slowly in all IDF units will be people like the values transferred to the next generation. “It’s a highlight for us,” describes this Pearl, explaining that the focus on Veterans join Givati (reconstruction) for a task
The Association.

“It is not easy to preserve the past and future, but we are ready to move it out of love. Therefore it is not always clear who the donor and recipient, “says Chairman, Shlomi Gruner. The things he carries in the annual conjugal ceremony with Sayeret Shaked. In case the ceremony began an hour after Jason Castle is in the same place the travel Cap 30th of patrol veterans, steroni November 2012 took the last chtepm litter. For the second time in history, the band sings in the song “ritual always almond Cruiser”. Until
So is executed only once, in 1994. Blending natural and inconspicuous, the journey-the ceremony-which occurred in each, proving that the work is beyond the work. Sand’s work, a lot of sand.

Translated from Hebrew