Sharp, strong army and Warrior: revolution of the

צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Army decided on a series of dramatic changes until 2017 in the number of permanent servers for 40,000 more troops, training, cutting 6 percent joint and lateral cuts 6 percent on all the IDF

תאריך: 10/11/2015, 19:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Downsizing at Headquarters, expand training: at the end of a two-day workshop, the popular Chief of staff decided, General Gadi eisencott, IDF dramatic changes in overall structure and scope. Some received decisions in this workshop detailed rate and approved by him. This is longitudinal in six percent of all the Joint Chiefs which aims to build stronger small army trained and ready, allowing budgetary stability. That, within the framework of the program “Gideon”.

Among the major decisions received: cut down the overall army rate change in management so that an officer will command headquarters between four to five officers (have about two or three officers). As a result of this, about 100 officers with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and to change how their management. The course is a 25 percent cut in various arrays including the military Rabbinate, education, behavioral sciences, military censorship advocate, ongoing security drivers, and financial advisor to the Chief of the Division, be shortened in the southern command and wide in the HFC. The Chief also merge down fixtures within the wing, wing logistics and to cancel duplicates.

Another move is 9% longitudinal from Headquarters. The Division also currently 162 subordinate central command move to be under southern command and Givati Brigade under tokaff. In this transition all command will include regular Division. The Commando Brigade which will be subject to the control of start training center construction in the coming weeks.

Sharp, strong army and Warrior: revolution of the

The IDF leaves the model when the goal is to get to 40000 people set until 2017. That means: fewer people on the age pension. The new model includes three main stations: 28 some of the servants take permanent set, first to those who move into a permanent finish their service. At age 35, is determined to find appropriate will continue to serve in the IDF until retirement age, and determine which can’t find suitable for advancing leave the huge army with money. The aim of the model is to rejuvenate the army and collapsed headquarters. Efficiency will allow using this budget for readiness and training.

Translated from Hebrew