Sheehan distances: the soldier who serves as far

סג”ם אפללו. צילום: אלבום פרטי

To oversee his tank Division, second lieutenant Aflalo need to come all the way from his home in the Golan Heights, to Eilat, where his regiment takes up line. “I feel at home here.”

תאריך: 14/01/2013, 12:05    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

500 miles-the distance that Lieutenant Commander Yehuda Aflalo, Armored Division 188, forced to do when Israel crosses on its way to the service.
Months bear his passes Sunday second lieutenant Aflalo mainly buses. Second Lieutenant Aflalo, Commander of Battalion “storm Division” in the armored Corps, living in the Golan Heights while the labour it performs operations in Eilat, which means a trip to the base, which takes the best eight hours, and sometimes it may take about 12 hours-half day.

“When I was assigned to Eilat was a bit, I was hoping to serve in the North because there catch a line with tanks and is nice in winter,” he says, “but I came into service in the South, where I also feel at home. Second Lieutenant Aflalo says that he feels the importance of his work and the importance to protect the sector.

The long driving trips second lieutenant Aflalo move mainly, but also utilizes
The time for reading books. “It happens to me sometimes when I wake up several times during the trip, and each time sitting by another person,” he says with a smile.
“The trip is just a small price to pay when the goal is to protect gzratno, although this is difficult and not always pleasant,” he explains. “I’m committed to my happy regiment to be, and the nature of it operations battalion. Who knows, I might find myself in the Golan soon, “he added hopefully.

Translated from Hebrew