Significant increase in seizure of fake cards in transitions

צילום אילוטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Military police reports a significant increase in the number of phony cards, ID cards and “put”, captured by soldiers of the crossings

תאריך: 06/11/2012, 13:54    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

This phenomenon has intensified: in the recent report of the military police.
On the moderate scale of forged passes various perceived them operates the military police.

For example the test held last week in transition, was spotted wearing a soldier’s certificate of Palestinian’s wallet. During the test, ask the owner of the vehicle to show your driver’s license to the security guard battalion “police box.
At the same time, the security guard that the driver carries in his wallet a soldier’s insurance certificate too. As a result, the owner of the vehicle for further investigation.

“Thanks to the evaluation prevented contrast. Eventually that person could impersonate
The soldier into shopping malls and public places and create sumptuous imagination “incident, said.
A “packed”, Lt. Col. Yuval sheinkin, referring to the case. It also refers to the importance of crisp cedar hot tub of the security guards. “This is one example of an event where she eye-definition gear-on the security guard’s skill prevented damage,” explained Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin.

A “packed” also discussed the expansion of the phenomenon of the fake documentation. “This prosperous phenomenon lately, and we identify significant perception of Blue identity cards, fake noted Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. He said forging expands and becomes more complex and increased in recent months. “We are equipped with the technological means
That helps us to expose bogus documentation, beyond the definition of inspection and questioning the person
To document his “, said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. The phenomenon of fake permits or work permits in all sectors of common transitions in the Jerusalem envelope. “We are experiencing this phenomenon at different levels – from forgery of changing numbers on the page using a pen, to be issued fake documentation, advanced machinery,” added John. Esteem, caught dozens of documents on various fake documentation every month.

In addition to these details, indicated in the box “Battalion military police seized large quantities of pigolim last week. “A significant increase in the smuggling of meat throughout the week, resulting from the victim,” said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin.

Translated from Hebrew