Sitting and Theater: the stories behind the orders

סיום קורס קצינים. צילום ארכיון

Among the hundreds of new officers to the Orthodox Warrior: in crime gangs but fulfilled his dream to achieve, and a player leaves the athiopa gave up a scholarship to be an officer.

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מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

Last week came to an end in a festive ceremony in which 1 ROTC land
35 cycle Union. Hundreds of new officers received the rank of Lieutenant after months of arduous journeys
Of learning and expertise. The order hardly could see no face is provided, but not all of them were officers and course completion point. Many of the new officers through winding to achieve this long-awaited moment.

Here are the stories of two of the new officers of IDF’s army.

Annual heat, 26, from Jerusalem

If you are experiencing the annual individual years ago, hard to believe you were thinking that before you become an officer in the IDF fighter until 18 studied annually in SaFED, as regular Orthodox. But despite the affiliation to Haredi society always lamented, yearly
The desire to join the ranks of the IDF. “to study the Torah and Talmud is good which is important, but not all of it. I think everyone should do, “said army officer to act decisively
His non-conventional weapons against the objections of his family and friends.

“I decided to leave. I changed my look and switched, Greece. “Let’s say the House didn’t get it so good,” he continued. And really, since the decision to enlist, which involved leaving the meeting, Ali haridi family began living alone.

For the first time in his life, Haredi world heaters. He moved to in nachlaot
In Jerusalem. And despite the Declaration wants to enlist, it left the meeting agreed to release him and the recruitment process will begin, which was rejected. “This time I began to relate to good friend. We did stupid things, hacks, violence. It’s gotten to the point that I sit three and a half months in the Russian Compound for armed robbery with aggravating circumstances, Nati quickly, as trying to move these difficult memories.

Sitting and Theater: the stories behind the orders

Second Lieutenant hamimi. Left the family “ו”הפך worlds to reach the Israeli

But there, in the dark, cold place. “When I was in prison I had plenty of time to think about what I did, where I was, what my chance to find out how I can do this. I decided to make a change. ” At this point already was 19, yearly but.
To enlist, and much of the fighting, he never quit. It was a very long process for two years of discussions in the District Court in Jerusalem, where he set his year of probation, six months of “allow” and community service. “I did everything that was required of me and erased my conviction. Clean white leaf, a corner smile heaters
His mouth.
At the age of 23, after German worlds “, finally the base experience. Where he underwent two months of basic training, as well as six weeks of combat program.
At the end of the process comes to the Kfir Brigade, the Haredi battalion netzah Yehuda battalion. “Although I’ve been
I got there not Orthodox. I still say Saturday and puts on tefillin, “says.

From the moment you arrive to the battalion to the top was brief. After four months of advanced training course מ”כים warmers came out early, then had three in practice. The port Commission he describes כ”חלום never thought I’d come true.”
“I have always strived to reach much higher. Also to prove to myself that I can do and to prove to the other soldiers who come to experience. I tell my story to them-have criminal records or are coming to farm doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Always aim to go as far as possible. A person who reaches his lowest place he knew always here
It can only go up, “he declares with lightning in his eyes. “I feel like I’ve stayed one step until he put his flag on the always wanted to conquer. It feels
Crazy of satisfaction “.

A Balkan advise, 22 from Beit Shemesh

At the age of seven up Balkan advise from Ethiopia with his family, 13, who settled in Jerusalem. After year advise family to Beit Shemesh, where they lived since. Blackman’s father already 71 and his mother died five years ago. The third boy. And I was the first officer of the family-respect, Blackman.

However, the Commission was not clear malkman from the beginning, certainly not as a soldier.
“The truth is I wanted to be a theater. before the military was an actor in the theatre in Jerusalem Khan,” he says. The Balkan was discovered as a talent bigger and received a scholarship for undergraduate studies. “The army would not reject my services, and the IDF Theater missed examinations.

A Balkan dilemma-position or reject military service in order to get to the next cycle of sorts of IDF theater and continue to do what he likes, or join now and give up the game. “I decided to enlist, and of course I
Go to the track and not combat. ” Indeed, Blackman joined the rest, before consolidation and the company involved in Geddes.

Sitting and Theater: the stories behind the orders

Second Lieutenant from Balkan advise. Theatrical abdication prodigy on a scholarship to study acting for the control class in Geddes.

But even after the draft not ended for Balkan dilemmas. He went to מ”כים, and before he had a chance to experiment in command had to decide whether to go to the officers ‘ course as his captain pushed him. “After almost three years in the army I had to make a decision. If I go to course-undergraduate scholarship in the game waiting for me canceled. The object to be an officer and gave up my future in the game, some Balkan no tone of regret in his voice.

“My first Commander was not my personal example that made me want to go to.
But so commanding was exemplary for me and I got very high years ago I even got an outstanding soldier described the OC Central command. A leader does a good soldier, and that’s what happened with me. I admired my commanding officer and he pushed me up. ”
A number that sounded awe in his voice.

“So I decided to get out because I love the army, I got it here. And beyond that I
Think it’s necessary that people came to what Zionism–leadership, “says Blackman.
“A lot of people think I’m a sucker for it, but I really don’t regret. I am proud of my decision. It’s important for me to set an example for society in General and to the Ethiopian in particular, “he says.

Translated from Hebrew