Six feet under: the IDF continues to practice underground warfare roadmap

צילומים: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

Symposium a unique regiments commanders introduced the various capabilities to be the fighter forces Deputy ground-breaking technologies to specialized training for infantry Warrior special look

תאריך: 16/07/2012, 13:52    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

“Underground city” so called warriors who participated in operation cast lead the
The tunnels under the streets of Gaza City and Rafah; Underground spaces are the terrorists, came great distances under shooting exchanges on highways, disappearing quickly into the bunkers below, using rocket launchers out of one network. In Lebanon, meanwhile, “reserves”, the fortified wooded areas, huge tunnels deep in the cedar-covered mountains are part of the bases of the Hezbollah. Every scene, every-day fighting has been obvious to fight beneath the surface will be critical to deciding on top.

As part of the vast army to deal with the threat, working around the clock for the best technological minds to commando training in musty spaces below ground, held last week a special conference to strengthen the tackling Letham (underground warfare) for Legion commanders. “We are dealing with concept and technique, and examine how the devices to the ground threat: time warriors, commanders explained the IDF site live and paratroopers Officer (קחצ”ר), Brigadier General Mickey Edelstein. “There’s a free discourse and mutual fertilization between divisions, including the participation of reserve jazz that they will encounter this threat to continue preparing in the best way possible.”

Six feet under: the IDF continues to practice underground warfare roadmap

“When we look at the future in Lebanon, where Hezbollah is accusing villagers using in ground is a great challenge, but one that our infantry battalion currently could handle,” reviewing head infantry and paratroopers theory, Col. Yoav Mordechai, training area that simulates a Lebanese village, the opening of the seminar.  “The environment that mean us a lot, and we have to contain it, but the most important thing is to move forward. Your job is to analyze the key areas to consider tasks by this, and move on, without allowing the terrorists to keep the Jam’s task forces. Col. Mordechai to view additional bodies dry wing which emphasized that the army has no intention of going into a war in the tunnels, and entering the underground broker will only depending on intelligence
Specific and for special purpose task killing of as terrorists or destruction
Of strategic objectives.

-Training is no longer just for special forces

The highlight of the party with the army is a weasel.
Of יהל”ם; A force of soldiers who specializes in locating shafts, eliminating the terrorists hiding them through an underground commando fighting, and eliminating indulgences. The ashs (bushy fortified area), through the tunnel to weapons caches in Gaza, “weasel”, specializing in intricate surface warfare also provides with advanced technology skills and operational experience
Widely (and classified) exceptional solutions, many innovative global magnitude of threat. During the seminar, received extensive explanation of the party’s advanced capabilities, complementary activities through special missions the forces of regular troops. The commanders taught the sailing capabilities available to them in battle: Advanced robots before, underground mapping accessories, special cameras detect terrorist activity while soldiers and protection against AIDS explosions based breakthrough capabilities in materials engineering. Many of the commanders were exposed there.
First, since the Special Unit is characterized by high frequency current front of new measures for improvement of capabilities.

However, himata of nailing a long time not only of coping with legs. Last year revealed that IDF website
Reconnaissance brigades live divisions moving today dealing with the subject of training and
Regular infantry brigades also comprehensive training in this yarn.

Six feet under: the IDF continues to practice underground warfare roadmap

As a complement to exposure to special abilities, demonstrated to commanders-fighting scenario the expected infantry force tunnel. Department of infantry from the Warriors in a scene ripped the saturation Golani tunnels in Gaza to Ramot Menashe to display it. “We can see the shaft
This describes, “Col. Mordechai versus forested Hill on a shaft located
Alert fighters. “The tangled terrain or in the middle of town. The soldiers adjust themselves to topography and cover depending on the area. There’s a lot of flexibility — even during the break-in has extensive use of creativity. We have a wide range of instruments of which the soldiers have to choose depending on the region. ” Robot thrown into the open tunnel purification demonstration, elaborate scanning machine that was unique to yahel and today is also the troops. After the attack operations operations that enabled soldiers to understand the threat ahead, cast from explosive
Into the shaft, differential with the soldiers of the dark by throwing grenades forgiveness.
The demo could hear quiet in his cargo fall down, but among these measures irido the Earth burn pushed space hiding terrorists. Facing a series of actions the commanders to specify more efforts can be put alongside the soldiers, most of them classified.

After the cleansing continued to view the acute facility simulates the half-dozen excavations, including references. A homeless slug ammunition shooting demo they wiped out the last of the terrorists that were not destroyed in the fire rain from above, demonstrate also wounded with State measures which entered today for allowing the transfer of injured fast without the use of a stretcher, wary
Constant catch possible, security guards at the same time all the openings. Highway battle, was once far from the province of Chai and commando operations, was over in
Seconds of intense combat.

“We don’t want to go into the dangerous arena of the tunnel, said an IDF GoC army headquarters site” do this only for special jobs and pulled it. But when we need to fight underground broker, we manage to do so, to hit as many terrorists and move forward. “

Translated from Hebrew