Smartphones come to IDF

Touchscreen, with email and WIFI-only part of the requirement for the generation of new phones. Disappointment for those who need to remember that “staying out of the game.

תאריך: 31/01/2012, 11:54    
מחבר: אדר וייסליב, “במחנה”

Permanent members prepare to replace cell phones: new cellular tender of the Ministry of Defense, based on a needs analysis article in computer service Directorate of the IDF set high standard for mobile devices that will be given to the people.

Defense Ministry interested in devices that provide services like mobile browsing, multimedia messaging, Bluetooth, conferencing, you can sync your private email with the device etc. The users are divided into five groups, according to ranks and roles, each designed for different instruments.

The first group of about 200 people, including senior members of the IDF, they can choose from a range of advanced devices.

The second group has about 12 thousand users in lower ranks, you can choose from two unlocked, and the third group of 15,000 users who will also be the unlocked without a choice. The fourth and fifth teams, including the junior mirssim users that are closed to long-distance so far, unlocked,
And unfortunately no option to upgrade to a more desirable.

Devices that their servers are not in Israel, not as part of the agreement, and
Is to remember that “fans will have to settle for other phones. In addition, it also provided kosher “appliances” aokeri camera and WIFI are up to ten percent of the devices, and mobile phones adapted for disabled.

Suppliers are required to offer a standard package of up to 1,500 minutes and 350 text messages per month in the network, and a monthly surfing 120 MB. The company will provide to smartphones, need to start preparing: according to one section, the supplier undertakes to allow the security forces to perform planned audits
And inspections relating to information security “as per unit in the IDF.

This isn’t the first time IDF upgrade: current instruments received during the last auction in 2005, it won “Mirs” replacing its predecessor “phone”.
The officers and NCOs were awarded then to grasp the colorful screen devices in use today.

Advanced mobile handsets are also challenging information security system, there are concerned that the latest technologies are used to collect and monitor information on hostile sources. Senior information security array (owe) told ל”במחנה” because they are facing these challenges in cooperation with the ICT Department, in order to respond to the full range of protection devices.
From viruses to determine and enforce the policy instruments of failing at each entrance are classified as senior lodges and חד”נים situation.

Translated from Hebrew