So dealing with the shortage in housing in central Israel

הדמיית בית השריון המשופץ בתל אביב

To accommodate hundreds of soldiers serving in remote bases Open House, enlisted friends of the Israel Defense Forces for the renovation and expansion of the schools operating in the Jerusalem area. Beit hahayal in Tel Aviv will double the total beds offered soldiers.

תאריך: 08/07/2011, 18:56    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן

The IDF is not indifferent to the housing in Israel, also expressed some of soldiers serving in open remote bases. The distress also identified for the soldier, which began renovating and expanding schools, to meet the demand for housing and withholding troops-especially in the Jerusalem area.

“When you’re talking about army support gives troops in there, to distinguish between two different domains: apartments and the soldier”, explains Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Nissim alkobi, a Director of the Association for hotels. “Added the soldier, which are the most familiar option requiring soldiers to Helena, the IDF held today at approximately 120 apartments throughout the country,
Where on average every month to 600 soldiers, “notes alkobi.

He said the assistance eligibility criteria are determined by the IDF’s manpower Department, and since we are a soldier has the right, he doesn’t have to worry anymore to speak. “We get אכ”א and lists the neighbors in apartments depending on your area. From the moment they
Entering the apartment, all the responsibility passes to us. We provide food, water and electricity fees, cable tv, so everything from a to z. The Association also holds 7 maintenance centers from North to South to attend and assist at each fault that occurred in bright alkobi, apartments.

While their eligibility has not been ruled out in one soldier’s apartments, only.
By אכ”א, is allowed to stay in them without restriction. “The apartments were meant to be home to the soldiers. These apartments are between 8 and 9 million a year, an average of 70,000 shekels a year for each apartment, in order to meet all needs of the troops, “says alkobi,” most soldiers should be in apartments are lone soldiers, immigrants with no family in Israel, that we put in front of us the preservation of warmth, openness and growth assistance as a cause.

In addition to apartments, the IDF operates 8 schools soldier from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, which
Not all conditions from disgracing the country guesthouse. “In a given the soldiers rooms with toilets and showers, they get hot meals, breakfast and dinner for lunch, mostly serving in the military, jobs continues to elaborate, alkobi Saturdays and holidays
Special meals, if it’s Passover seder was held and then of course all other holiday home
The soldier to maintain holiday traditions and properly “.

The houses will be renovated and expanded soldier

In a spread in the country, is home to about 900 soldiers have month divided into two groups: the soldiers assisting individual problems (400) and soldiers who receive assistance due to distance issues (1700). Anyway,, alkobi
The soldier busy, especially in the area of Gush Dan, which lead to massive expansion operation that will end until next summer, “we have waiting lists from here until further notice, therefore decided to invest in expanding the accommodation in hotels. Future home until next summer.
The armor to multiply their places, at the same time a new soldier was built in Ramat Gan
And Beit hahayal resumes in Jerusalem. “

In parallel work of Association in expanding the existing schools and year-round homes additional soldier to assist IDF under the quantity required for his bed.
In this framework in the coming months additional residential building, next to a soldier in Jerusalem, which will offer a total of 600 beds for soldiers serving in the region.

Ramat Gan also will house another soldier for soldiers serving in the central region, with 160 beds. The greatest need is, of course, in the area of Tel Aviv where planning for the Corps to significantly upgrade armor House, so that it will be-beds to a total of approximately 200 beds in total. Upgrading accommodation is carried out simultaneously at the soldier in Haifa, which has been renovated and offers a significant solution Helena for soldiers serving in the Northern bases.

Of Association indicate that establishing the soldier project done in cooperation with the IDF and IDF pals organization funding (FIDF), which enlist for the mission.
With an investment of millions of dollars a year.

Translated from Hebrew