So make Matzo meal dry

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Soldiers who make up the various bases on the country, exposing the recipes that help them survive free of chametz

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מחבר: יהונתן שר, מז”י

Spring arrived, and DCR and outstretched arm forces expelled the chametz IDF fare once replaced conditions fulfilling the superstitious, bulging in calories but not satisfying. But ingenuity and innovation of GoC army headquarters about them.
Winning not only on the battlefield but also facing the problem of malnutrition. We talked with several
Soldiers pass the holiday, us base recipe which they use to swim this holiday period.

Josh toast

Jordan icon Goldin, Chief training ttzpithnit patrol base, tells of a refreshing snack and kosher for Passover, which could help pass the long shift either across the screen.


Slice, cheese, tomato, ketchup and a toaster.

Directions for preparation:

Grab one out of the box and exhaustive breaking it into two equal parts. One side loaders yellow cheese, a few slices of tomato and Fritz of kshtop. Shutting down the other half of the Matzo on top and put the sandwich toaster pre-heated.
Wait until the cheese melting, and then take the result carefully. Coat of arms of Goldin warns that amata may crumble, but adds more likely to snack also created a puzzle game puzzle.

Shakshouka Matzo

For the next recipe need some bye with the massacre, but cpl. ran from parent battalion headquarters insist that the end justifies some pleas.


Exhaustive, tomato, egg, onion or roast vegetables

Directions for preparation:

FRY till egg becomes Golden, add tomato and onion cut or any herb seasoning you can lay a hand on him. The important part is to disintegrate the Matzo into small pieces, but not too small, so that they retain their crunch.

Some garlic Matzo

Sgt. dor lubrani, the orbital company training battalion in the Kfir Brigade, hoopoe telling as he tries training figure to give the players all the knowledge acquired during his service, but this secret recipe, is the lack of ‘ dry arm ‘ site for the first time.


, New York cheese, cheese cubes, cheese or Bulgarian tzfat and salad vegetables.

Directions for preparation:

The Matzo break into pieces that fit one bite, they spread carefully New York cheese and cheese place pieces of tzfat cheese or Bulgarian. Sgt. lubrani asserts the exact dose of each cheese is the key to achieving your unique taste.
The appetizer, and takes years to perfect. In addition, arrange the cheese so that it can support another layer of vegetable salad.

Matzah cereal

CPL. nadav Gordon, a basalt battalion of the Kfir Brigade, which was in service before conscription was used to alter various dishes.


Exhaustive, milk, cinnamon, cocoa, sugar, corn flakes kosher

Directions for preparation:

Pour cereal into a bowl and pour her milk. Then crumble Matzo into small pieces and put it into liquid. The cinnamon/cocoa or add into sugar to taste,
Enjoy a great start to the day.

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