We’ve compiled a few life-saving tips to help you get through the weather shrevi krovimmazg days shrevi air is expected to visit the region in the coming days too. We’ve compiled a few life-saving tips to help get through the heat safely:

In recent years we have witnessed cases where children are forgotten in the car in the heat. The boy remained in these conditions closed vehicle exposed to injuries and even death. Never leave a child or any animal in a closed vehicle, not even for a moment. Don’t leave your car before everyone fell.

One of the biggest dangers is heat driving conditions. When you go to drive ongoing Daegu for refreshment stops to avoid fatigue. Drink plenty of water and assemble sunglasses. Even if the air conditioner works, open Windows periodically in order to ensure the vehicle space ventilation.

Maximum days there is a sharp increase in the number of fires, so avoid fires and campfires proactively during these days. At the outbreak of fire, must act immediately to chiboiia while for firefighting services at 102 phone. If you cannot monopolize the fire, the area and warned people in your vicinity.

The rescue volunteer units of Israel prepared to assist travelers in distress. However, travellers must discovering. Plan your trip in advance, choose a route according to the physical abilities of people and carry a cell phone in case you have to call for help. And most importantly, don’t forget water.

Translated from Hebrew