Social networks have become the central challenge of information security

Analysis of the war in Libya, which led to the fall of Gaddafi’s regime claims the head family basic character, Lt. Col. Boaz zalmanovich that social networks are a serious headache ” for those responsible for information security “

תאריך: 05/06/2012, 12:15    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

“Social networking has become not only an additional source to gather intelligence, but also” serious headache for those responsible for information security – Col. Boaz argues zalmanovich, head of the family, the basic article analyzed the lessons of the last war in Libya and Gadhafi’s regime’s downfall, published in the journal “systems”.

Lieutenant Colonel zalmanovich speculated in his article that “like other Arab uprisings, the use
Social media was for morale but also to organize demonstrations and armed activity. ” He noted that “the rate of penetration of mobile phones in Libya is very high – even more than the United States – and to prevent rebels using them for propaganda and for coordinating, Gadhafi’s Government paralysed the cellular networks.
But GPS phones and access to networks of neighbouring countries, allowed insurgents to bypass the blockage.

In his article, “Lt. Col. evaluates claim zalmanovich rebels aided Twitter to communicate information to NATO on the places where the forces loyal to the regime, and that the information from social media was one of the intelligence sources to gather NATO forces for attacks or to enforce the embargo imposed on Libya.”

He claimed that “large sales social media stream on NATO aircraft movements in Europe and across the Atlantic. Lieutenant Colonel zalmanovich noted that “many people are following networks of civilian aircraft picked up – and – the messages
Between military aircraft and civil aviation controls. It was the source of the reported arrival to Libya of C-130 plane that he allegedly belonged to the CIA, while the United States claimed that its power is nothing on the ground in Libya.

Knowing the basic character head, “there is no doubt that social media issue requires in-depth study and research, also regarding the risks and opportunities lie where intelligence perspective.” “The war on Libya should serve as a central source for such research.

Translated from Hebrew