Sodaniot IDF corner expire for healthcare in central Israel

הפינוי, הלילה. צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

A Sudanese woman gave birth to twins in dangerous weight of 900 grams, yoseftal hospital in Eilat. ” In the absence of suitable equipment, stepped in to evacuate the woman together with
Children at the Assaf Harofeh hospital. “

תאריך: 25/02/2013, 00:04    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

IDF help tonight (Tuesday) in forcing Sudanese refugee who bore two infants weight 900 g’s agent. The woman gave birth to the twins in the yoseftal hospital in Eilat “, and in the absence of medical equipment needed to treat premature infants gain weight, cost
The need to move the mother and her children to the center of the country. The IDF stepped in and an air force helicopter, together with medical personnel evacuated the woman to the hospital, “Assaf Harofeh”.
Unstable situation.

Sodaniot IDF corner expire for healthcare in central Israel

The medical team from Assaf Harofeh “, which included the Director of the hospital Dr. Davidson members and premature births Department shattered by Dr. Eli Hyman, the military helicopter took off and landed.
A helicopter accompanied a team of search and rescue unit 669. Colonel Dr. avi abergil explained
A conversation with IDF website that “infants gain weight so low, exposed to many dangers, they usually have a problem of hindrance they need respiratory assistance raitit. They also tend to bleeding in the brain, and should ensure that they don’t bleed and not exposed to infection.

According to Dr., IDF has submitted aid is “a moment of pride, medical considerations outweighed everything. I know many countries will prematurely without health insurance and fund the entire process at a cost of nearly a quarter million dollars.

The evacuation was initiated in yoseftal hospital, and many factors involved – ranging from the home front command, which made coordination between hospitals, air force way which follow onto evacuation to hospital staff “Assaf Harofeh, who were willing to volunteer.

Translated from Hebrew