Soldiering talking without words

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“The Corps” audio talk with hearing-impaired sign language, help schools and training staff. “We’re not, but close friends, they tell

תאריך: 25/05/2012, 13:48    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

National awareness day hearing noted this week, considered another day routine.
For the Group of women with children who are hearing-impaired sign language.
“The Corps” audio focus on educational assistance for children and youth to help hearing-impaired-small classes that accompany the children personally. In addition, the Corps reserves
To listen are part of the military and as necessary: they are called to help recruit training volunteers as mtorgmaniot. In fact, they are a hybrid between body education and Youth Corps in the Israel Defense Forces and the Ministry of education.

“We’re not in them, we’re a different kind of age. Some mom, some company and some teacher “, describes corporal Shaked-Golan, a soldier operating in the South. Less than twenty women serve in the role. After basic training base of education and Youth Corps are undergoing a course of a month and a half that earned them the basis for sign language and communicate with the hearing impaired.

“To learn sign language experience,” added Sergeant Abdul Hecht, a soldier heard. “When we are overcome to communicate with and work with closely is opened. This is the most exciting thing and the best – when the child feels comfortable with me. It’s a different world. Interesting, amazing, something I think after the liberation to be hard for me to break up with him, “said Sergeant Hecht.

“People want to hear and communicate with hearing-impaired investors patience. But it works – a boy who worked with regular classroom, integrated and his birthday party arrived the whole class. All the students were there. He’s really excited and happy when he saw that he is part of the class, “said Sergeant Hecht. Inform, there are joyful and special moments that make the role significant so.

“I couldn’t serve in a special position and challenging. Especially in elementary school I feel like I can make a difference, “explained corporal.

Translated from Hebrew