Southern command about 5,000 acres corner mines, in the North West.

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The area, which is dropped to farmland, improve employment and the economy in the region. Southern Command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo: clearing the mines will help the army and State.

תאריך: 07/05/2012, 11:54    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Thousands of acres in North West mines won a large-scale project of the Drainage Authority, IDF, the dead sea, a year and a half. The evacuated areas allow for residents of the West to expand agricultural areas and develop the local economy.

A year and a half ago began crediting process 5,000 acres from the North West of mines laid there in large quantities by the IDF in the 1960s against the Palestinian Fedayeen who infiltrated from Jordan territory. Over the years, floods in the area led to the drift mines estimated areas and extensive areas were closed for fear of civil peace. The new technology, laser-based, enabling accurate decoding of drift. Dead Sea Drainage Authority assisted in analyzing the erosion and streams, in order to pinpoint the location of mines planted around displaced. No authority recruited engineers and experts, pro bono, to help with the project. The engineering troops of the South examine historical records of minefields and research about the sector.

This means she is now 5,000 credit hectares of farmland in the Prairie improve employment and the economy in the region. The suspects now get micosh and dozens of families can live in the North West.

“It’s a special occasion and very happy – dropping in areas west of mines. In the West, our challenge is the problem of mines and large areas so credit improves the IDF and the entire country, “said southern command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo, in the graduation project.
Tamar Regional Council head, to itbinoff, and explained that this is a historic moment. “The project gives the opportunity to come on board and take advantage of the region.”

In addition, the Midlands was incorporated into a special engineering vehicles used a sort of sieve. The sand.
From Jordan over the years very high quality agriculture, but drift with mines that are difficult
To filter. Is the large new dimensions and can win the quality sands and avoid risking human life. Many residents and agricultural bases need very critical and therefore the need for this unusual attitude. So far the stone tool and engineering guidelines of southern command changed the spaces to dance swing and allow penetration.

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