Southern command Chief has given distinguished service to the family of Sgt. Alla z l

סמ”ר משה נפתלי ז”ל

Gen. Tal Russo noted that the actions that took place during the late Sgt. Naftali
The attack on ein Netafim, managed to disrupt terrorist plans and thwart the long event

תאריך: 13/05/2012, 17:02    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Today (Sunday) was awarded a letter of commendation to first Sergeant Moses naphtali, a commander in the Golani Brigade engaged in the conduct, during the attack on ein Netafim last August. Sgt. Naftali was dropped after that led to the deaths of two ropes.

Sgt. Alla z l was the first to identify a terrorist event occurs. At the same time he was active with his troop safety, where he was a team captain and, when recognized events took over command of the intervention force instead. Naftali in his determination: with his team. Initially identified a terrorist on the street, and used to kill on sight dorso. Then, he made contact with another bomber under heavy fire and led to the assassination. During the incident, he was shot down.

Sgt. Naftali’s actions were significant to his disruption and prevent the enemy, in that it prevented more serious consequences. “It was a tragic event in the results, but the event is avoided thanks to the touch he showed Sgt. rowing Naftali was conducted in event of Hezbollah,” he said at the ceremony the shadow Commander Southern command, Aluf Tal Russo, “there is no doubt that his actions disrupted the event and thwarted terrorists ‘ plans.

“The distinction is that the team led by Sgt. Naftali was snapped quickly and realized that this is a terrorist event, and rowed to the touch. They turned the tables
Upside down, and cm Alla z symbolized the military ethos – the way of control to run. It was about doing, it marks the arrow for Greece in Israel, added the Commander of the Golani Brigade, Colonel ofek buchris.

Meanwhile, during the attack on ein Netafim attended medical forces granted them recognition and appreciation. Dr. il rbelk received from South OC the same appreciation
Medical care under fire. Dr. rbelk was en route to Eilat in case when on the attack
The initiative decided to come. On arrival he sort initially injured, wounded and rescued a few hours later, after I was wounded warrior tried to help under fire.

Mr. Moshe lazarovitch in Magen David Adom paramedic, was presented a certificate of appreciation. As part of the DEFCON Magen David Adom’s shift, Mr. lazarovitch pop-up into place. On arrival he stopped the movement of the waves, and it wounded. Then, proceed to treat the wounded and rescued injured from the vehicle. He helped victims of chance life and professional conduct.

In addition, the event in August was corporal Anastasia begdalov received, military medic, received a commendation from the Commander of air force personnel. “Combat forces operating alongside u.s. forces. Their uniqueness by arriving at random, what is happening and of treating life-threatening powers described Gen. Rosso and added that “the task of defending the southern border of the State of Israel we have. Sgt. Alla z will accompany us and be
Lighthouse to determination and sacrifice, and being a free people in our land. “

The attack on ein Netafim occurred on 18 August 2011. Fifteen terrorists opened in a terrorist attack on the road from shboltt 12, was Egged bus. Six civilians and two militants were killed in the attack, IDF forces managed to destroy eight terrorists. The incident led to the closure of Highway 12 and forming new defensive mechanism. Several months ago, reopened the route for movement during the day, as shlaorko scattered protected areas to protect vehicles.

Translated from Hebrew