Southern command displays: delicious Passover soldiers

To mark the Passover holiday gathered opposite the kitchen rule of Gaza to Eilat to build simple and tasty menu for the fighters, with the help of Chef Alii. Prepare the plates.

תאריך: 25/03/2013, 13:30    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Not only exhaustive and chocolate: offset rule of southern command arrived last week to “Dan” to learn the hotel chef, Alii, special holiday menu will be prepared to command troops, bound to the last command post of warriors in remote outposts. The entire menu is based on simple, cheap and accessible-and delicious for the warriors.

The menu used in the common mind of the chef and the food officer of 80th, Doron רס”ם azulai. “This is the second time this has happened, after last year we encounter
Just opposite the 80th. This year we decided to expand it to charge for its success, “said the IDF site רס”ם azulai. “The goal is to have Thanksgiving dinner line alignment of all the bases and outposts in southern command.

At the meeting, military and food components are the resistors and rich menu for the first main dishes and desserts. “We wanted to show the kitchen opposite can make excellent military competitors,” explained רס”ם azulai,” daily
Learning enriches the knowledge the resistors, and furthermore also challenging and enjoyable experience.

In the southern command expected to find on their holiday table a variety of foods, including a variety of unique salads, fish in herbs, chicken breast stuffed with chilli, thighs with potatoes and sweet potatoes, sliced beef and wipe with ice cream sorbet.

Translated from Hebrew