Southern command: drastic reduction in total casualties of safety accidents

רכבים צבאיים, אילוסטרציה

The most significant decrease for the diversion of intensive activity for the soldiers to safety issues. Assimilate technology system control, in General, to help prevent accidents in real time

תאריך: 13/02/2013, 14:24    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

The spaces resulting from safety incidents in southern command beard at 50% from 2011 to 2012, and the casualties suffered medium and up 45%, it has declined due to intensive activity for the safety of soldiers in the southern command.

“Dealing safely among the commanders what man that was one of the parameters of 2012”
The IDF site likely head of safety at southern command, Maj. Yaron ontin. “Commanders
All levels have begun to realize their responsibility for safety events, and increase enforcement, control and punishment in such cases.

In 2013 the targets for reducing the span four safety issues found when demand
Improved: accidents, emissions, power and coordination games with weapons and ammunition. In 2012 appeared the trend decrease of 40% in the number of tapachviot vehicles, including the use of a system (co-driver). The system, which came into use in the southern command in early 2012 and will blend in the rule defined in the coming months, is a system for remote control of the driving car through SMS to commanders or situation of the unit. “Once they receive the alert commanders
Can prevent accident in real time, “explained Maj. ontin,” is able to perform again the driver
Allow to improve the culture and make a habit of safe driving. “

The use of the system has been fruitful, and the atapachviot are reduced from 10 million in 2011 (before installing) to 2 million in 2012. In addition, as part of
Changes to safety procedures on the background of adverse events, get drill called ashol drop. ” Vehicles often come down to the sidelines and trying to get back on the road before reaching absolute containment, and potentially atapachviot. “Fortunately all atapachviot were not
Fatalities due to attention on seat belt restraints, “said Maj. ontin, but from now on, in addition to the usual drills there before, will also be drill drop to ashol hatira will be automatically from the point of view of the driver.”

Also, due to the fire zones in the South caused safety incidents due to coordination problems. “If there were only time infiltrators, today there are פח”עית infrastructure and therefore all traffic must not be her coordination could lead to suspects and opened fire because the ideological tension, specify רמ”ד.

During operation “pillar” was to find teams of Beck (Director for safety and quality inspection) and the Safety Department of the פד”ם Conference and training to help officers to safety controller. “Distributed written materials which included tracks from previous operations were conducted as” cast “and highlights the situation of ground entry,” recalled a Maj. ontin, “were everywhere to be an extra pair of eyes, and how to distribute a shoshga ceasefire”.

Are also participating in operation produced lessons on safety. “The main lesson is about the role of emergency safety officer, said Maj. from ontin. “Most safety officer units adjacent to the סמח”ט command and safety covers almost. The main lesson is by definition
In an emergency, it should be safety oriented. It was very central and discovered a gap we intend to implement at all levels “.

Translated from Hebrew