Southern command held the warriors a Bedouin students witness

האלוף רוסו בטקס המצטיינים, השבוע. צילום: הוצל”א פד”ם

In a special ceremony, awarded certificates of merit for officers and soldiers appreciated the groping and the Bedouin patrol battalion. Gen. Rousseau: “we are ready for any challenge.”

תאריך: 28/04/2012, 23:12    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Prior to the independence day of Israel, 64 held a special ceremony this week it awarded certificates of merit for officers and soldiers appreciated the groping and the desert patrol battalion. Among the outstanding Ballet Deputy Ibrahim alhoashla who has received a certificate of excellence from Ribbon, which ten soldiers from the Bedouin sector have received recognition from South OC activity and cetiinotam.

“I accept your appreciation for all my activities and service. For doing
Work for the best, “said an IDF Sergeant Ahmad Al-Atrash site that serves as a tracker. “It’s exciting and gives drive to continue”, he admitted.

“We are all Israelis but the mix, melting pot, is what makes us”, said at the ceremony of Segev Shalom, Mr. Amer Abu Amr. Senior representatives from the Bedouin witness came to pay respects to the soldiers of the amarchim outstanding. On no compulsory recruitment and Bedouins, and those who chose to join the army and serve as Scouts and warriors win
Appreciated by the community. Approximately 180 Bedouin soldiers lost their lives while in military service, and the present – just ordered the deaths. There is currently no border patrol Israel State not present him a Bedouin Tracker.

Meanwhile, among the many honours he won the division officer probes the Gaza Division on a Ribbon and merit raise in rank. Lieutenant Ibrahim alhoashla end compulsory military service and returned to the reserves when cast. After you finish the operation, he decided to stay in the army out of a sense of mission. “I believe the private sector integration is important to society. I call for the ADA to enlist and become part of us. “

The grant command Commander, Gen. Tal Russo, credentials and met the soldiers most. “As part of an ongoing struggle over the years, IDF soldiers combatants as a shield to ensure the safety of citizens and maintaining its sovereignty. This year operated southern command warriors, to Bedouin omeno, in the Gaza Strip and the southern border of the country.
The Geddes, groping, commanders and Bedouin fighters proved a high operational level function, willingness and steadfastness every order according to the values of the IDF southern command is the central platform for Bedouin in the IDF and I see the right recruitment expansion and cultivating the serve, “said the champion.

“We need the loachmino Bedouin. The challenges we face are growing pains, the mission to protect the southern border of the State of Israel and curbing the threat from Gaza and we are ready for any challenge, “added the Commander of the southern command, he also addressed the Bedouin interiors that symbolize the mission, responsibilities and sacrifices bshirotam.

Honor roll list

80th Division-major Sergeant Khaled, Afif adefarasin ‘ Kelvin Suad, Sergeant Nassir Jabareen.
The foxes South decorated Sergeant, sergeant major alhatrsha Eid Salman Abu Ahmad Mar’i, Sergeant Al-Atrash.
The desert patrol battalion – staff sergeant Muhammad bin Rabia alabid, corporal Sergeant Omri Al-atawna.
Best bad-school student Mohammed alkadi.

Translated from Hebrew