“Southern foxes” stop smoking

חייל מעשן. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

In southern foxes “decorated” invite contacts set smokers smoking cessation workshop, medical corps and funded out of concern for the health of soldiers and officers.

תאריך: 07/06/2012, 12:51    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Smoking cessation workshop opened recently in southern foxes “designed” permanent personnel serving in the Division. The IDF sponsored the workshop and officers of medical corps transferred the contents in order to reduce the smoking rate in the set.

The workshop consisted of between nine to ten weekly sessions. During the workshop the participants filled out table that follow the number of cigarettes smoked per day and what was the reason, and then gradually stop smoking until I stopped him in the fourth.

“The next workshop solution already proved itself in the past,” the IDF site control division headquarters clinic, Sergeant Shi “it once a week but has support beyond the meetings. The military helps alternative remedies, nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes to save a lot of pain and grief to those people. “

In addition, the workshop structure is innovative and began to assimilate now also in the HMOs.
The officers arriving and relay the workshop acquired the civilian instructor course special
Smoking cessation groups. Due to the fact that those who come from the army, and often includes role and a lot of work to increase the need for background, the military officers helps in understanding the necessity and the way of life of permanent members and can help them.

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the process. Weaned in the group said he was “feeling much better. I don’t need to smoke. I wanted to quit for a long time and what I needed is basically the frame, this group to push me. Without the group, this wouldn’t have happened. “

Translated from Hebrew