Speaker of the Knesset holds traditional reception for 120 outstanding soldiers; ”Defending the nation is a contribution to democracy,” he tells them

(Photo: Itzik Harari, Knesset`s Public Relations Division)

Speaker of the Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein hosted on Sunday the 120 outstanding soldiers that will receive certificates of excellence at the President`s Residence on Independence Day. Edelstein, who posed with the soldiers for the traditional group photo, said ”this ceremony is the most emotional and significant, as without you and the IDF it would have been impossible to hold this week`s ceremonies”.

”It is a great honor to host you here. Your presence is significant as we speak a lot about personal example, and it is ultimately reflected in the IDF. I believe in you and in your capability to realize that defending the nation and the country is a contribution to democracy”. Edelstein told the soldiers he hoped they would ”continue to carry this spirit” with them and contribute even more to the country.

Jerusalem District Commander Col. Shai Belaish said that ”these outstanding soldiers from all army units and layers of the society fit the IDF values and demonstrate personal example, responsibility and steadfastness, while maintaining the purity of arms. Excellence is not a one-time thing but a way of life”.

During the ceremony Edelstein presented gifts to the soldiers, three of which are disabled.