Special documentation: emergency landing of Jet ה”בז”

ה”בז aircraft impact” of pelicans, as well as emergency landing made subsequently, recorded on the radio and cameras. Documentation:

תאריך: 10/10/2011, 19:51    
מחבר: אתר חיל האוויר

The practice interception which set out four ה”בז” (F-15 D) last Thursday could end in disaster. The incoming Premier, about a minute after takeoff, in pelicans. As a result, the two aircraft engines were damaged and one was on fire.

“The timing of the injury immediately after takeoff, was critical,” explained Lieutenant Colonel, Commander
The squadron. “It’s a matter of SEC one way or the other, and all the event was over.

But luck played for two of the crew, but the source and the extraordinary professionalism that worked. “The operational portion of the event for granted,” said Lt. Col. Tomer, “you always expect people to work in a professional manner, but it is not always easy.
This landing required high level flight, they didn’t have a moment to dwell or linger. Must not blink even for a second. “

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Translated from Hebrew