Special mention to military medic who helped the wounded in the attack in ein Netafim

הצוערת אנסטסיה בגדלוב. צילום: חיל האוויר

Head of personnel in the air force gives special mention to Cadet Anastasia begdalov received a preliminary approach for medical aid to the wounded in the bus bombing on Egged route 12

תאריך: 01/04/2012, 12:18    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Sunday) will be wearing special mention ceremony, Cadet Anastasia begdalov received by the head of personnel, Brig. Gen. Ilan graduated and in the presence of the Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan, on the basis of fact.

Anastasia begdalov received these days, Cadet officers course of received special mention by IDF, functioning in happened in August, in which terrorists fired Egged bus on route 12 in Egypt border. Anastasia begdalov received a cadet, who was among the passengers of the bus, first aid to the wounded in spirit and determination. Injured man’s life was saved thanks to a tourniquet tied to congratulate him, all while the heel by shrapnel damaged due to shooting terrorists.

Below the shadow:

Head of personnel gives special mention to Anastasia begdalov received much for showing steadfastness, responsibility, professionalism and personal example.

The AV 5771 (18 August 2011) gets Egged bus, traveling on Highway 12 near Egypt border, ambushed by terrorist squad opened fire. Some were injured by the gunfire of passengers. Corporal, army medic, was among the passengers of the bus and the first aid to the wounded.

Calmly and firmly overlooked among the wounded and helped to stabilize the situation, using makeshift measures that were in place. The life of one of the victims, who was severely wounded, survived thanks to a tourniquet tied knee and indirect pressure exerted on the artery on the other knee. After power joined the medical staff and Medic escort
Wounded on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, her limbs are too exam pieces during shooting.

This event showed cpl. Anastasia begdalov received personal initiative and creativity that saved lives.

Translated from Hebrew