Special ops unit class: fantastic four.

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Each began his career elsewhere, but finally we set four high school buddies in the same team of “Magellan”. “The level at which the members of the high school is nothing like the experience of the army.”

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מחבר: גילי קופר, אתר צה”ל

Two weeks after the draft and more than a year after seeing each other for the last time, met four friends from high school back in the least expected. “We found
In the morning of the tears (order taking place two weeks after the draft with the regiments and units to c. km) next to each other and realized that we’re coming together, “said Sergeant ל’מגלן. He and three friends began each heading elsewhere,
And cruisers and aircraft giboshi arrived – after a prolonged period when classmates – to the same team. “Read our names, we ran to the middle and we were crazy,” recalls Sgt. s.

The possibility that four members of the same class to the same team in the elite unit is very low, and the statements of four fighters, apparently not a coincidence.
“Three of us making alumni and years of service, where the message of significant service infiltrates from the beginning,” explains Sergeant. According to him, another place that pushed them to get high.
He attended the school. “Despite what we received from the environment, I think the most significant education came from home. My parents don’t even have to push me because it seemed obvious to give what I can, “adds tenth symbol.

Special ops unit class: fantastic four.

Photo: IDF

Operation cliff “left four members of the Assembly surfaces because you haven’t completed the training. “We were on the border and we saw our friends, folks and friends was met from the community,” recalled Sergeant s. “We heard about the deaths, we were pumped. We wanted to come in and be a part of. ” The desire to participate in hostilities is motivated at all. “You’ve been waiting for this. This is something you train for, you want to do what makes you to him, “adds the symbol m.

His classmates were not the only ones with the symbol m on the bus the other day recruiting up twin brother, also serving now on level. “If my war mother sleep well at night, but what to do, she
It’s important, “laughs the Warrior. Today, sharbatam, “the friendship is not
What was in the past. “After months you discover which level did you know high school friends is nothing like an army,” notes Sergeant. “Extreme situations that come to them for pulling you. You know them and who they really are, “he added.

The fresh recruits they say mostly anything else – no matter where or how hard ovetst do things the best you can.
“Don’t look at it as another formulation but took a route from each other”,
Says Semel. “Pass the qualification not shoppers. Ultimately how you’re determined how people look, and warriors.

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