Special sneak peek: who tyre from the marine Medic

לוחם שייטת 13. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Wet diving injuries, training and advanced equipment: Medic
Combat naval commando unit on routine activities and emergencies. “There is no way even the smallest unit will fail.”

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Secret operational activity is routine for Israeli hatberga unit to the list of special forces. A commando of the Israeli Navy, tyre, the hidden visible. Tyre fighters facing operational training Summit – landing from the sea, on the Mainland to combat vessels and aircraft accelerate. Medical Operations Squadron 13, naturally, is also intense and significantly to the functioning of the unit.

Special sneak peek: who tyre from the marine Medic

Sgt. (Ret.) Nathan Ilan came all the way from the medics, paramedics to course and from there to the mythical unit. Only a few are functioning as medics in convoy 13 and experience the only Cap alongside the fighters, as they practice for their physical health and enabling operational competence. “The job was my aim from the beginning because I looked on it as my mission,” said Sgt. (Res.) Ilan thoughts before the draft. He currently serves in the army reserves.

In December 2007, joined the Israel Defense Forces and knowledge to the field of medicine. “This sector represents
The positive light in, and found many of the army over the role, “he said. “During
The role of learning to separate the various contexts and treat the person in front of you – no matter who he is. In this field the humane is in front, and the magic “, the attraction ELAN reasoned.

The DS’s military gave the began it-based training of medical corps in tzrifin. After completing a three-month course medics and half, was assigned to the training paramedics in her Navy. The whole course lasted two months. “The course in her 2010 deal mainly with trauma injuries, while
In the course of which the Navy deal in diving injuries, “explained Sgt. (Res.) Ilan on the progress of the training as a medic over time.

Special sneak peek: who tyre from the marine Medic

Sgt. Nathan Ilan, while serving in the Navy. Home photography

Serious diving injuries in wet environment

Most of the training in progress within the course challenging marine Medic. “We wet training at sea, which is much more challenging to practice wet environment. It is difficult to treat, and should ensure that all action is best, “he explained. The course contains in-depth content on anatomical subjects and external lecturers host field of medicine. “Content dealing with dangerous injuries as serious diving injuries, some very acute and critical” exposed.

The small force
The family touch and experience the course finish in total between eight to 14 paramedics approach. “I wanted to get in the Navy because it seemed more challenging,” said. Tyre activity in normal and emergency unable to elaborate, but of crucial importance remains. “This unit” stabs “, if you can call it that. The Warriors perform the task, there’s a procedure, “said Sgt. (Res.) Ilan.

Special sneak peek: who tyre from the marine Medic

Marine medicine does not sell to the public, and contains various treatment methods
And advanced equipment. After completion of the training course for paramedics, paramedics carried Sgt. (Res.) Ilan in atlit Base training – the permanent base of the unit. “As part of the base requirements passed a three-month training in procedures, which include content about working in maritime deepening expertise in diving injuries – how to detect them and how to handle them in tools for unit, including in terms of equipment and medical supplies,” said.

A week or two away from home, training or at sea – is a rare thing, and Staff Sgt. (Res.) Ilan stranger that his military service of warriors.
Before each port to the only activity so that any slightest chance, she will fail, “said. According to him, the kind of vulnerability that encountered them during the service were difficult. During an operational mission of the unit somewhere, paramedics are stationed combat convoy evacuation area. Due to the high level of the classification of the activities and their location, you cannot expose the location of the evacuation areas.

The issue of sexual orientation has been pushed to the margins.

During his military service in special branch unit, faced Sgt. (Ret.) gave another personal challenge tree “My exit out process started in the military, having decided that this place doesn’t it happen – which I’m turning over a new leaf and some alive”, he said. He came out of the closet as a homosexual, and the experience in this regard was positive. “In the course of her 10 served with people from the netzah Yehuda battalion, and they knew everything. It’s
There was a problem or special issue, which represents the beautiful fabric in place.
Where you meet people differently, “explained.

“After years of single-service soldiers were the ones who took care of me. My commanders, for their part, have always been fine with it, “said on the air. Throughout the service encounter Sgt. (Res.) Ilan condemn homophobic remarks about their sexuality. “The only wisdom
Letting people through the catharsis of themselves – not to force them to accept, but to be who you are, “said, adding that” at this moment the question of sexual orientation is pushed to the margins and you
Them as a soldier who serves them. ” Soon became an integral part of the unit’s ahovi and fabric ties with the warriors.

Special sneak peek: who tyre from the marine Medic

In May 2011, released from service in the IDF, carrying a certificate of excellence from the Chief of medicine
The Navy and the Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Nachman ash. The release came only after signing set for six months, during which he worked to improve and establish the logistic medical unit operations. “After I got drafted to reserve service that lasted a month and a half,” said Nathan, and described the contribution that never ends.

The service in the Navy, and. Today, Sgt. (Res.) Ilan gave between 30 and 40 days of reserve duty per year. “It’s working for me in every way I know how to play with it,” said. In the reserves, like many others, you are returned to
The family. “These are the same people that I shot them, and our conduct in many donor and aid the Navy’s operational activity,” concluded.

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