Special training for commanders in Lebanon allow border crossing quick mines in wartime.

הגדר בגבול סוריה. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Many measures are placed on the settings to prevent the enemy to penetrate that trusted, but when you have command of the IDF fighters to cross them. Special training, following the lessons of Lebanon War II will make the process faster and safer

תאריך: 30/07/2013, 11:09    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

הנדסה קרבית

Borders seem quiet lately, it’s mainly for
Sitting all the time on the border and prevent the penetration of terrorists into the country.  But apart from
The IDF forces, many maintain technical AIDS. Smart settings, blur trails and mines are part of a deterrent when the IDF uses in order to prevent the enemy from crossing the border. But what to do in a situation of combat, when IDF forces required to cross to the other side, and for the measures they enemy?
The border barrier consisting of re-indctivit fence which can report for if someone had contact with her until the exact location of the incident. In addition there are fences.
In Lebanon, violently and space followed by the minefields, “explained the Engineering Officer of the IDF site of Baram, Capt. Gilad Mazur. “The problem is that you need to open your fightin’ and allow live divisions and tanks to cross her violently into enemy territory.

Special training for commanders in Lebanon allow border crossing quick mines in wartime.

The Syria border two months ago. Photo: IDF

In the second Lebanon war, the IDF faced exactly this issue, when you had to wait for nearly 48 hours can pass safely, which took time and effectiveness of the forces. Live divisions instead of being forced to wait for special engineering unit יהל”ם,
Who were engaged in various activities. Subsequently changed the situation and has trained fighters to carry out engineering work, and save valuable time. “The perception in the mind of the commanders
Is that the barrier does not stop them. They don’t have to wait for יהל”ם to open team set,
As Greece every man engineering know how to locate mines and destroy them. Once this common and your eligibility practice it, it happens, “added Captain Mazur.

Besides engineering required logistical support forces also. “Opening of the past say eliminating land mines placed by the IDF to further deters the enemy and remove settings. It’s a show that takes hours, depending on the section. We must prepare measures to hacking, and give an answer to MEDEVAC if necessary, “said logistics officer of the Division, major Yaniv Suiza.

“High walls-good neighbors.”

Following the challenge facing commanders in combat before crossing, decided in Baram to perform advanced, aiming to impart knowledge in the field of logistics and engineering the situation. “All commanders, request touched down to the Majles, whom we are going to fight. They met the abilities to define and breakthrough
The micosh the need to prepare commanders for days and know which means standing beside them.
Understand that an effective fence is valuable for protecting the residents, and the State already sliced. On the northern border carried out today a new fence construction, construction was similar to “the hourglass” the Egyptian border, which proves its effectiveness in these days in front of all those factors, civil and military, who are trying to cross the border. But the Syrian side also won the Lebanese border fence. The border with Tula built in the past year section borders to avoid hichochim with the Lebanese side. “The IDF is in total twenty meters from Lebanese, and houses a small event and can develop into something bigger. For us high walls-good neighbors, and there’s a quiet building in the region, “said the IDF website to a senior officer in the northern command.

Translated from Hebrew