Special training: Golani used releasing hostages.

כוח סיירת גולני בתרגיל. צילום: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Cruiser used a complex scenario of terrorist infiltration of hijackers, taking dozens of hostages. The goal: save them – at all costs.

תאריך: 21/05/2012, 12:11    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Capturing hostages has led to some cases of attention in security the Israeli mindset. The complex warfare horzzot results within seconds of life of civilians torn a routine homicide, heart is significantly associated with elite units mythologies such as Sayeret Matkal who but before these forces may, subject to national level, reaching the events sometimes require a response, old special forces the various commands designed to provide them.
Special training, held last week, giving a glimpse of IDF Rabbi tiered preparation for some of the worst terrorist scenarios.

One of these forces, the northern command, the terrorist alert force of Golani. The training is in the North, the team envisions a complex scenario of terrorist infiltration of hijackers, taking dozens of hostages. In this exercise, showing uncommon activity consists of releasing non-involved, practiced the procedure of seizure which aims “to save the hostages at any cost.”

“The first objective is to rescue hostages,” explains to IDF officer and site in Golani, Lieutenant Moore, who is in charge of terrorist alert. “We practice a variety of their complex scenarios we can supply solutions, integration of negotiations until taking over killing campaigns.

Special training: Golani used releasing hostages.

Within ashrica seconds to exercise powers for breaking several fronts using different apertures. Through the use of ladders, fragmented forces penetrate
Various areas in structure and focus to places where, according to intelligence, trapped civilians. The troops pass every corridor and Flash moving operations room by room and purification
It. “Because you are a hostage can throw weapons and to Israel, and we are ready for any scenario, we take each yeast and lead him with guns out of the building. In all that time, reserve forces surrounded the building and reinforcement in case of deterioration of the situation.

Power officials emphasize the importance of the Cruiser’s crew,
And clarify operational pattern that the death practised in training, the ability to isolate the incident until the coming force Sayeret Matkal takeover is rare. Therefore, different teams practicing commands while striving to reach the highest skill and knowledge that a case like this could erupt into a routine day.

The drive team serves as a prime force answerable directly to the command and is also benchmarking scripts are different from those terrorist scenarios, they cannot. “We are here for the benefit of all
The event, “says Deputy Chief of staff. “The capabilities of these teams came to the fore later appointments ongoing confidence in all sectors that eventually blows
Is it warfare, and ready to meet all the scenario used in each sector.

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