Boy who boarded a bus in Shu’afat stimulate officers ‘ suspicion and jungle fighters operating in the area. On his body and was caught he admitted that he intended to make pigoashoterim
And c fighters operating in the Beit Hanina-Shu’afat observed today (Thursday) of
We boarded a bus to Damascus Gate that arouses suspicion. The cops and the fighters got into a bus and took
The suspect. A search conducted on the knife was seized.

The suspect,
16-year-old boy, was arrested and taken for questioning. In initial questioning admitted he intended to stab attack
Against police officers.

Continue to expand and mthogbert activity in Jerusalem for the security of residents, “said Commander
County Commissioner Yoram halevy. “The officers and fighters to identify the behavior
The anomaly of the suspect testifies to professionalism and the highest level of vigilance and alertness. We will continue
To act with determination and to maintain the security of the residents of the capital.

Translated from Hebrew